Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Season of Love

The Season of Love

This time of year is often referred to as the Season of Love but should we not live in that season all of the time? This also begs the question, “What is love?” that is what we will discuss here.

The love to which I am referring is of the unconditional variety, the kind that gives without stipulations or judgments. It creates the binding force of love; a love driven by free, joyous acceptance of yourself and all around you. This love does NOT come from a place of need, want, or manipulation. This love, when you move in harmony with it, gives you the ability to let others grow at their own rate, to reach out to another without losing your center. You begin to feel that sense of wholeness and balance that you are looking for. You lose the desire to judge others by YOUR standards and you are able to see all things as your “next best thing”. This type of love allows you to consider others as well as to be gentle with our expectations of ourselves. We find that we can empathize with the challenges and the joys of others. This love is our link between our intellectual self and our spiritual self.

Unconditional love is both a way of life; a state of being and a conscious aware decision. When we choose to engage our will (a 3rd chakra issue) to direct the love of our 4th chakra to all of those around us, we find a great sense of inner peace and well being suffuses us and radiates out to all with whom we come into contact.
We accomplish this true, pure, unconditional love when our ability to take responsibility for those actions that are truly ours becomes firmly established within us. When we can stop having the need to live our lives by committee and can follow our hearts truth without guilt or fear; when we can express love of our selves and humanity without manipulation or require others to change in order to become worthy of it; when you do not feel the need to be in control of others, or it is no longer important that truth is subjugated to YOUR idea of what YOU feel it should be. When we are able to give and receive this unconditional love that is vital to our growth and evolvement, our actions become based on the premise that all people are deserving of love. We are at a level where we can forgive others as well as ourselves easily thus releasing emotional pain as just a part of day to day life and not hold it as something to be nurtured. Holding hurts and grievances benefits no one, least of all ourselves. Love heals, holding hurt destroys.

Let’s face it, you can’t really know anyone but yourself, so by taking everything and everyone (especially ourselves) less seriously, you can be yourself without letting another take your power. You are also able to see the difference in controlling yourself and NOT controlling others.

Balance means that you can temper your lower chakras pull with love and begin seeing change in wonderful ways. You know you are in balance when you no longer feel those pulls from your lower chakras and realize that you do, indeed, create your own reality and you can influence others.

The goal of unconditional love is to first find an unconditional love for your self that will spill over to others, then be able to exercise tolerance and balance within your body, mind, spirit, to realize the Devine Paradox that something that seems small is, in reality very large and the thing that seems very large is actually very small, and to then embrace the ability to allow things to just be what they are.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

©Chessie Roberts 2010, all rights reserved

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