Sunday, January 9, 2011

Projecting Abundance and Gratitude Above the Fear Line

Projecting Abundance and Gratitude Above the Fear Line

“Because the Universe reflects back to you at the level which you are able to accept, appreciate what you have and project abundance in your emotions, self talk, your thoughts, and visualization. Remember that emotion is energy in motion and that is what drives all manifestation.” (CR)

I have had a series of Aha moments over the past few months. Moments that have brought the truth of something I said a while ago (the above quote) and made this concept crystal clear.

Emotions fall into two categories, love or fear. Any emotion that is at or below the ‘fear line’ will drag you down into the depths of stagnation and inactivity. Any emotion above that line will push you up toward happiness, joy and finally into manifestation.

I had, on one level, believed and understood what I was saying but, on a deeper level was missing an important point. As I have stated on many occasions I am, as we all are, works in progress so yay for finally getting it. The whole point is that down in that part of you where only you go, where the tough questions are asked and answered is where the acceptance of this statement needs to truly and gratefully happen; where you need to determine that you are no longer ruled by anything at or below the ‘fear line’. Only then will your ‘emotional energy engine’ crank into life and drive the upward motion that will create manifestation.

If you can honestly accept everything you have as a good thing and gratefully rejoice in your abundance with your entire being, you will touch this place within and begin to manifest without. EXAMPLE; your furnace breaks on the coldest day of the year and it is a holiday and guests are coming, how do you react? Lets’ face it that would be very upsetting on the surface of things but, since you know about emotions and manifestation, you are truly grateful for the fact that your oven works, that you have space heaters and blankets and that you know that your guests will understand and be just fine with it. You celebrate in joy, love and gratitude. You invite others to celebrate with the same attitude and, by your every thought, emotion and deed you turn the unfortunate happening into an exercise of gratitude for abundance and share that outlook with those around you, thus lifting you and everyone else to a higher vibration. In return you manifest the money you need to fix the furnace, your holiday was exceptional, you taught a valuable lesson without realizing it and your life stays above the ‘fear line’.

I invite you to examine your life as you start this new beginning in 2011 to find your abundance, joy and gratitude. Once you do that share that attitude with as many people as you can and watch your manifestations soar.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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