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Religion VS Faith; What's Love Got To Do With It?

Religion VS Faith; What's Love Got To Do With It?

The dictionary definition of Religion is; “a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and beliefs of the universe..involving devotional and ritual observances, often containing a moral code for the conduct of human affairs.

About Faith, the dictionary says; it is a confidence or trust in a person or thing; a belief that is not based on proof.

Love has many definitions and none of them accurately describe the love I am speaking of here so I will come back to it in a minute.

Religion has seemingly evolved to be the structure and ritual of the thing. The basic tenets are mouthed and gone through weekly on the prescribed day and time in the prescribed order and with the appointed facial expression and body attitude. I remember watching the grownups coming and going to and from the alter on Sunday with the oddest look of piety on their faces, holding their hands in a prayerful attitude as they processed back to their seats. All of that only to be seen later acting in a manner unbecoming... I wondered then what was going on. They seemed to just be experiencing the “shell” of the experience. In conversations later I found out I was correct.

Faith on the other hand comes from a maturity of spirit that is not easily reached. It is a knowledge of a truth that comes from a place of knowing deep within ones Self. A knowledge that does not require “proof”, one that doesn't look to pie charts and graphs for confirmation. It is a feeling of correctness that brooks definition or defiance. It comes from a connection with ones true, higher Self. This connection comes with the love that I mentioned earlier.

This love is a direct link between our heart chakra (the energetic/spiritual heart area of our system) the love at this level is completely unconditional, meaning completely without conditions of any kind. It is all inclusive. It is the truest of loves. It does not wish to control or to judge. It just is and it allows everything else to just be.

When you reach this level of balance within yourself you vibrate at a higher level and because of that those around you will also. Your faith in your chosen religion becomes new, pure and sacred. You raise every thought, every word and every deed to a new level and growth, understanding and experience becomes a sacred and joyous exercise for you. I challenge you to examine your true, inner feelings in this area and decide where you truly are in your growth process, decide where you want to be and proceed accordingly.

Bright Blessings Chessie

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