Sunday, November 13, 2011


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A label is a word we use to define a set of characteristics that reveal what we believe about some thing or some one. Trouble comes when we begin to believe something specific about the word that makes up the label and use that label to define other things. This relegates all things with that particular label to being thought of in a certain way. 
These labels can be any word, either positive or negative. Unfortunately, most carry negative feelings. Words like lazy, slow, stupid create emotions about them and who/what they are attached to. When enough people feel the same way about a label, it becomes a very loaded and powerful word. Because emotions drive the manifestation of things and situations in our lives, if the labels connotations are negative then there is a big ugly thing floating around out there that will do harm to whoever and whatever it becomes attached to.
The good news here it this can also happen to positive words and feelings. Positively driven feelings are becoming the ‘new thought processes’. As more and more of us become aware of the need for balance, positivity and love in our lives, we become aware that we can change and/or eliminate labels that are detrimental. Because we can’t become unaware, we share our new thoughts and feelings with others causing a ripple effect that will grow into a better, more positive and loving culture. This is beginning to be seen all over the global community and with your help and that of others of the same balanced, positive and loving mindset this can become a very healing change.
By the numbers of groups that follow ideals such as the ones presented in The Law of Attraction, Positive Thinkers, Evolution of Self; Journey into Mind, Body, Spirit Balance, The Healing Power of Sound and the ecology awareness folks we see that many of our race are waking up to the fact that this is the way we need to grow to save ourselves and our planet. So don’t limit yourself by using labels; keep sharing the new positivity, love and raised vibrations and the world will get better. 
Swami Chidvilasananda said, “Once the fountain of love is unlocked in our hearts, we see the magnificence of our existence. With that love we turn this world into a paradise.”
Bright Blessings, Chessie

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