Sunday, August 19, 2012

How Do I Love Unconditionally?

1) Change your way of thinking about love, see it as an action rather than a feeling. If you see love as an action, you are rewarded when you feel a certain way based on the way you acted. Because this an action that you choose to take, you can repeat it anytime you wish. You are depending on self, not someone else.

2) Realize that what is a loving act toward one person, may not be so for another. So pay attention to what your best course of action is for the person in front of you. Each person is different so, conversely, your action(s) will be too. For instance; the saying “Hope you're hungry.” can be a friendly invitation to a meal. But under different circumstances can be a very cruel taunt.

3) Sometimes, out of this love with no conditions, you will have to step out of your comfort zone in order to help the other person step out of theirs. We can not stave off discomfort and or pain always. Comfort and love are entirely two different things, one is not predicated upon the other so that we may evolve as human beings.

4) Because of the “un” prefix, you must give this love without expectation nor can you pick and chose to whom or what you extend your unconditional actions or affection. Because this is not a one size fits all kind of thing, you will have to step back and decide first what is best for you. You can't be in a space of love if you are out sync with your own core values.

5) Now here is the one that will make you think I have lost my mind...forgive. Forgive them, the event and yourself. Forgiveness is not something we do, it is something we are. I don't mean be a door mat, I mean not holding on to those black thoughts and feelings that will obscure you ability to love.

6) Last, wake up and pay attention to how you feel. The feeling of unconditional love will lift you to heights you never thought possible, it will never leave you feeling down, drained or upset. The more you practice all of this the easier it becomes and the longer it lasts. Remember it is an experiential have to do it to experience experience it is to desire to share it! Namaste, Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2012, all rights reserved

“May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. May the light of Truth overcome all darkness! Victory to that Light! Jai!”

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