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The first plastic was created by Alexander Parkes in1862. He presented his invention at the Great International Exhibition in London. The substance was called  Parkesine. It was an organic material that came from cellulose could be heated, molded, shaped and would keep its shape after it cooled.

In the 1950's plastics became an inexpensive substitute for many things; drinking glasses, tableware, vases, bowls, storage containers of all sorts and shapes. A cheap, shiny substitute for a more substantial and better quality thing.  Seeing the disappointment on some of the faces in the stores when they thought they had found a beautiful glass bowl at a great price only to find it was plastic gave me to believe that this was not a fashionable substance to own.

In the 60s, plastic again reared it's unfashionable head but with a new take. This time it referred to people. The cheap, shiny substitute for a more substantial and better quality person. You know the ones, those who are so self absorbed to notice that there are others in the world. Those that care for “what they look like to others”, what shows on the outside with no regard for what is on the inside where it counts. The users, the fakers, those with no spiritual quality or core values.

Now understand that we all must grow through this plastic part of life and most do but there are those who never figure this out. When you tailor your persona to suit a perceived situation, you do yourself a disservice. You are hiding your true Self, not only from those around you but from your self. This creates and internal dichotomy within your emotional and energetic self that is akin to lying. This will cause you to become ill on some level. If done long enough, you will suffer and not understand why.

Dr Phil said ,”The tip for today has to do with your feelings from the inside out. One of the problems that compromises our self-esteem is that we tend to make the mistake of comparing our personal reality with everyone else's social mask. Of course, they're putting their best foot forward. Of course, they are shielding from you their flaws and fallacies. It doesn't mean they don't have them. And if you make that comparison of your reality with their social mask, you're going to lose every time.”

This is very good advice. People have the tenancy to forget that “things and people are not what they seem.” understand that EVERYONE'S life has ups and downs whether we see them or not. You can not live your life according to what you think you see in others. Plastic people are always behind a mask, always showing only pretty, shiny, substitutes of themselves.

Understand that I am speaking of a persona, not the true person. If you meet someone who is exactly what they appear to be; happy, filled with joy and love, caring, you will know because you will feel it. If they are putting up a facade, you will feel that too.

To be plastic is, in actually, to lie, both to yourself and those around you. This will adversely affect you and you health. Studies have shown that all that fibbing can lead to headaches, sore throats, and feeling sad and stressed. Begin to notice the coloration between what you are projecting and how you feel, this can be a litmus test for you to know how truthful you really are.

When you reach the time in your life where you can be the real you without shame, guilt or judgment, you will find that you can allow others to be who/what they are and life will sun through crystal. Bright Blessings, Chessie

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“May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. May the light of Truth overcome all darkness! Victory to that Light! Jai!”

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