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Chakra six is located at your carotid plexus nerve ganglion. This is between your eyebrows and just a little above them. The elemental correspondence here is light because it is here that your conscious meets you unconscious and you start to become aware, were you begin to truly see and begin to become truly aware.  The color here is indigo and the root Sanskrit word means “to know, to command” and this is where you begin to perceive and learn to translate and process all visual input. You learn to use your ESP (that little voice that tells you to do or not to do something)  and where where you refine your imagination.

You discover that you have a greater access to the Universal “well of wisdom” and learn to be comfortable accepting information based on faith and intuition rather than on charts and graphs. You realize that intuition just is...there is no right or wrong, no logical or illogical.

If maturation, healing and growth have occurred you know and understand the balance of all things; light and dark, yin and yang, want and need. You can see, without prejudice, things as they really are. You see beyond the limits of either / or and you see that you have infinite choices.

You know you are out of balance if you are too influenced by the psychic realm. If your energy is too high you come across as disconnected or spacey. If you energy is too low, you will be narrow minded, uncomfortable with challenges and have tunnel vision.

At chakra six you will be able to access other information and see how everything comes from ancient wisdom. The important thing here in how well you see, not just what you see. You can look as well as see. As you open here you realize how much you truly do see.

When you are in balance you will use your new information and innate wisdom to raise your vibrations in order to be able to make decisions with your new mind-stream and informed visualizations. With them you will be able to make a positive and informed choices that will have an impact on your surroundings rather than making choices from fear and ego. Because of this ability and view point you uplift the quality of life for yourself and others. You know you are in balance when you can process and translate you visual and intuitive information and use it correctly and effectively.

The goal of your sixth chakra is to suspend your personal perceptions so that you are able to allow yourself to to envision those of another in order to understand what others see. It is also the goal here to realize self clarity so that you are closer to being completely conscious and totally aware.

chakra six is located between your eyebrows, your carotid plexus (c1-2)
it is your connection to the Universe and your intuitive wisdom
your personal insight
you now see the deepest beauty and truth in all things
where your conscious meets your unconscious

regulates your hormones and physiology
chakra six controls your brain, your left eye, your nervous system and your ears, pineal and pituitary glands

intuition, wisdom, creative intelligence
the meeting of your conscious and your unconscious can be VERY unsettling
learning to use your imagination, insight and other information in a positive and uplifting manner.
Feelings of narrow mindedness or spacey-ness

BLOCKED BY the illusion of separateness

UNBLOCKED BY accepting the cosmic truth that all is one.

© Chessie Roberts 2012 all rights reserved

© 2012 Chessie Roberts, all rights reserved
Chessie Roberts is a Singer/song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Lecturer and  the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe,crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential, self improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her ability to put things into an easy to learn package allows participants to fine tune their healing intentions, identify personal goals and clarify the path they wish to devise in order to heal themselves and grow into their own Spiritual Evolution. You can find Chessie's programs and products at and her music at

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