Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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Do you find yourself becoming argumentative and defensive over the slightest thing? Does it seem to you that others are not getting with your program? Could it be that you are attempting to exercise control over something you can’t or should not be controlling?

If these issues are in your life, you need to learn about the two most powerful words in any language, “Let go.” I f you will ask yourself a few questions you will see very quickly how and where to use these wonderful words.

When you are pressing a point ask if the point is truly important. Will it be important in ten minutes? How about one month? A Year? If the subject is so trivial as to be lost in the next ten minutes, why waste time, energy, and frustration on it in the first place? Let it go. If in a months time the point is not something worth remembering, then why pursue it? See how that works?

Secondly ask yourself why it is important to you to be the ‘winner’ of this particular argument/difference of opinion? Is the subject of the argument important enough to agree to disagree? If not, it is not important enough to argue about in the first place. Remember that everyone has an opinion and rarely are two just alike and that is ok but to have to be correct all of the time about everything (no matter how trivial) sais that there deeper issues of control that need to occupying you time.

As you learn how to let go of the small things and be OK with that, the larger things will be easier to let go of as well. Letting go will de-clutter your life and make the more important things (those truly important) clearer so that you can take care of them in a positive and balanced way.
Bright Blessings, Chessie

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