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When I was a teenager the trend of the day for the girls was to wash and roll your hair in the morning and to keep the rollers in until time for your ‘special event’ of the day. Your ‘event could be a date, shopping with your friends or going out to dinner with the family, anything would do for the main happening for the day. My Mother and I would argue horribly over this particular teenage tradition. One day I was reading a newspaper column by Ann Landers where she asked a (what was for me) life changing question.

“Where are you going that is more important than where you are now?”

I was recently reminded of this question when I was talking to a friend of mine. He was lamenting the fact that he had not had a good time at a play that he had attended. I asked what had happened to keep him from enjoying the play and he told me that the lights had been turned down and he could not read the book he wanted to read. I would have thought he would have been watching the play that he had paid to attend rather than reading a book. Who does that I asked myself?

I soon discovered that even on a camping trips people are playing video games, texting (and being annoyed by incoming texts), talking on cell phones and being upset by weak signals to their appliances. Even getting to the woods, children must now be entertained with movies rather than paying attention to what is outside the car window. My thought is why go camping if you are going to stay tethered?

As I work with people in the Evolution of Self program, I find that many people are very unhappy because they are trying to be in more places than where they physically are. I can see that there are times when this is required but not every minute of the day. (I also learned that our minds do not actually multi-task, they just do more than one thing poorly.)

Start looking at where you are now, what you are supposed to be doing now and concentrate on that, be in that ‘now’. Don’t worry about where you will need to be in the next hour or day and do your best where you are now. Begin asking yourself “Where is more important than where I am right now?” Make your ‘now’ as important as your ‘later’ so that you stay focused. Then, when you finish that time frame move on to the next.

Anticipation is a good thing but not to the detriment of you being in your ‘now’. Learn to enjoy the ‘now’ no matter where or what it is and you will find that your days go by better and your enjoyment of life increases.
Bright Blessings, Chessie

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