Sunday, June 20, 2010



What makes you angry; Sad, miserable, jealous, ashamed, guilty? How about indifferent, vengeful, disdainful, demanding, hopeless or apathetic? Know that all of these emotions come from the fear end of your emotional spectrum.
Each and every one of these emotions does several things to you, 1) they make you ill on some level of your being, 2) they lower your spiritual vibrations so that you are farther and farther from your source which will make it harder for you to get back up there, and 3) they will bring down every one around you until you are surrounded by those who like it down there or 4) you will have no support at all. And 5) YOU WILL GET MORE OF WHAT IS BOTHERING YOU.

The reason for this is that the Universe has no filters. It hears/feels your emotions and gives you more of whatever your emotions are putting out there. So, you ask, “How do I turn this around?”

You start by changing your emotional response to everything. Don’t panic, you can do this. Begin by looking for things, any thing, that make your emotions respond from the love end of the spectrum. What makes you feel loving, merciful, at peace, satisfied, joyous, blissful, understanding or forgiving? How about illuminated, serene, or optimistic? All of these come from the love end of the spectrum and they raise your vibrations up to meet the Universe and it responds to them too. The difference is in what you receive, MORE OF WHAT YOU DO WANT.

Which way do you want your life to go; up or down; into love or fear; into want and need or abundance and prosperity? The choice is yours to make. Remember, you are denied nothing, ever, all you need to do if ask/feel.
Bright Blessings, Chessie

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  1. Be still and know is such a powerful force when one knows how to use it. You can't just say "oh it'll be better..." you have to believe it! That means taking the knowlegde and treating as if it has already happend and then living life that way. Sure it takes steps to get to the end of any of lifes trials, but if you enter them knowing the outcome, it makes any gafaw that snags up the works easier to manage because you "already know" what the end result is. Example you might ask... sure I'll give you the two largest in my recent personal life: 1) college, I knew that I was a straight "A" student going into it. There was no discussion about anything other then that as a possibility. I talked/walked as if it was so. In the end due to the work load I put on myself I ended up with a 3.89 (A-) due to a semister of low attendance due to winter ills, but it still managed A's for all but one semester, and that one was B's due to college policy on attendance NOT due to my efforts. 2) a recent car accident, going into the courts and settlement hearings all we asked for was to be able to pay off my student loans and to pay off the vehicle we'd had to purchase. That is EXACTLY what we got. Did we pipe dream that it was going to be more, sure it is human nature to "go big or go home" but in it all the constant thought process was the original car and loans...
    So you can have it, you just have to let yourself and "Be Still and KNOW"