Sunday, March 20, 2011


My Journey of Awakening; Perceptions;
“By seeing everything around me as exquisitely beautiful,
By hearing every sound as the most beautiful of music,
By feeling every rhythm as the very heartbeat of life,
My habitual perceptions of the world will change,
Transform and I will move beyond the outward surface of all things around me and truly connect with what is “the source”, the “I AM”.”

We can all see the beauty of Nature but today I experienced feeling the energy of beauty. I was struck by the depth at which I was affected and by the length of time the feeling stayed with me.

When we see with our eyes we register whatever it was the caught our attention and then it’s gone. Yes, we can call it up in our memory and that is good but this is different, deeper, fuller, more whole, if you will. But to allow the energy of beauty to penetrate you is a remarkable sensation.

As the energy of beauty joined with my personal, familiar energy they seemed to join to form a new energy; one of stillness and peace, very much like a point of crystal clarity and total acceptance, integration and peace.

This totally new concept of energy, calm and peace has stayed with me and expanded to encompass everything that I have come in contact with. I feel that this peaceful center is what I have searched for all of my life and I can hardly wait to see what the next level will be.

Bright Blessings and Energetic Seeing to all of you,

© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved

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  1. Looking through the eyes of my child I am learning to see may things in ways I had forgotten how. The beauty in the flight of a butterfly, the fun in chores made into a game.

    Seeing, truely seeing, is something like riding a bike. We must get past the day to day, past the "flat tire" and get back on our bike and ride.

    Thanks for the remider EOS, time to go play with the kids and see the mud not as a nuisance to clean off my floors but as the cool earth that makes tasty pies :)