Sunday, March 27, 2011


“Such is the state of life, that none are happy but by the anticipation of change; the change itself is nothing; when we have made it, the next wish is to change again. The world is not yet exhausted; let me see something tomorrow which I never saw be.” (Samuel Johnson, English poet, critic and writer)

“Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.” (Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher)

I get asked about this 2012 shift all of the time. I have done extensive reading about and listening to different ideas about this most interesting subject and have seen every thing from aliens coming to help/take over to the total end of everything BUT… I have the feeling that it is something else.

Maybe this is just the next stage of life. Maybe it is our wake up call to become more in tune with the planet on which we depend for ABSOUTLEY EVERYTHING and with each other. If we are not in vibrational harmony with either ourselves as the human animal and the other life forms that share our home, and we systematically destroy where we are living, something will change (probably not for the better). The planet, our home, is a living, breathing, changing being. It is older that we are and has existed in harmony with itself for a long time. Then we come along and start ‘improving’ things to our supposed benefit. Think about the building in which you live; if you don’t maintain it, vibrate with it, love it what happens? OK now taking that one step further, if you were actively tearing down the walls to build something else, using its resources to the detriment of the structure and foundation, how long would you have a place to live? Well, what have we done to our sustaining earth?

If we are not in vibrational harmony with the energies around us we will continue to rape and deconstruct our very habitat, as we’ve already done that to species after species, and are now doing to ourselves, causing us be blindsided by any change that happens. Everything is energy and so is constantly moving, changing, ebbing and flowing. If you try to not be in this energy flow, to stop it, hold it in stasis, to be out of harmony with it you live in chaos, pain and confusion and quite possibly destruction within both your world and your personal energy field(s).

OK, fine, what can we do to ‘go with the flow’? Have you ever heard of the “7Ps”? It is a business term I learned many years ago that seems appropriate here. “Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.” So, 1) tune into the energies around and within you. Do everything you can to live ‘green’ It may be too little too late but if we don’t start, nothing will be accomplished. Recycle, reduce, support appropriate legislature etc. 2) Get ready. Develop your conscious awareness and have a real, solid belief system. Plant, nourish both yourself and your planet. 3) Cleanse your self, energetically and spiritually. Connect with your light body. Live cleanly with a lowered impact on the earth. How long can you stand to be abused? Then why ask it of your home? 4) Integrate your body, mind and spirit and awareness, and 5) Rid yourself of fear, all of it. Don’t anticipate bad things; step out in love and trust.

In actuality the shift has already started and there are those among us who have been charged by their Guidance to become the light workers, guides, gatekeepers, and spiritual leaders (notice I did not say religious) to step into the role of beacons to show the way. The ones who have been saying, “Wake up and see how we are abusing our resources!” were some of the first and for the most part, we didn’t listen, maybe now is a good time?

Now this is a fact that I find most wonderful; Conscious Awareness of the shift is spontaneously happening and growing. As more and more of us wake up and reconnect to Source energy (the energy of the divine, soul to soul, life to planet) we are creating a harmonic resonance that spreads across the planet and universe. People are trying harder to work with rather than against Nature. Because like attracts like, this new resonance pulls the shifting energy closer to the enlightened who are raising their vibrations higher and faster in order to meet and join with the new energy. Blending our personal vibrations with what is changing, vibrating over, under, around and through our existence and our planet, we find that, much like floating down a river, we become one with the change. If on the other hand we choose to fight against the energetic flow, we will find the disastrous results that we were afraid of in the first place. (Because of lower, fear-filled vibrations that do not fit within the shift)

When we change our thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and open ourselves to new patterns, information and ways of thinking about what we encounter daily, we begin to change, become aware of damage that we create both to ourselves and our earth. Things around us begin to change. We become more and more aware of the things that raise us, enlighten us, feed us and lift us to what some call unconditional love; the love of the forth chakra; the love that unites all things with all things; the love which is Source Energy. This is the energy that is shifting and so, by vibrating with it, we shift too, easily, effortlessly, spontaneously; all without fear, resistance or catastrophe.

As I close I leave you with enlightenment, raised vibrations, new awareness, love and bright blessings. Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved

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