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Compassion is something that has been thought of as purely a human trait for many years. Recently humanity has finally become aware enough to see this virtue in animals. The dog that raises the motherless kittens, the dog that saves others; human and animal, the dolphin that pushes the infant that is floating beside the boat accident to safety and the list goes on. As the list grows, humans seem to get lower and lower on it.

With the death of America’s public enemy #1 and all the rejoicing that ensued I felt torn between compassion for America and compassion for the family of the dead man. Was I happy that he is dead? Not really, I  find that I am oddly taken by the entire event.

I saw this posted on FaceBook on May 2nd, 2011 and feel that it has much merit

"Compassion thought for the day: To have honor, means to act with honor and integrity at all times and to all people, even towards those who show none. So though death brought death, and vengeance brought vengeance - I hope honor will bring honor and this cycle will end. For to act dishonorably, no matter the reason, is dishonorable nonetheless. To act honorably, brings peace - even if at first only to ones self. (Jennifer Fagala)

I was reminded how we felt on seeing the towers fall. How watching the rejoicing of that event made us as a nation feel. I had to ask then and again now, where the honor in that jubilant reaction was. Thinking thusly, I wonder now, how we can act with the same dishonor and call it OK. I know that the initial event was heinous and awful but where does this type of behavior stop? If no one on this planet acts with honor and integrity, what we should expect but our own eventual extermination? We will just nasty away form our own lack of integrity, compassion and honor.

As like begets like shouldn’t we embrace compassion, honor, and virtue and integrity in order to create it? Spread it? Foster it so that it grows to engulf the planet so that healing for the common betterment begins? If not, then why are we here?

Bright Blessings, Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2011 all rights reserved, quote used by permission

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