Sunday, May 22, 2011



As humans, we relate to others from our own perceptions. If a person is a thief, they see thievery in everyone around them, likewise, if a person is prone to lying, they assume that everyone lies. As enlightenment begins to occur and we learn to see things as they truly are, it becomes more and more apparent that we relate to others on our own level. As our vibrations rise and we begin living from a place of love and acceptance, those with whom we associate begins to change. Just as the wheat is separated from the chaff in the wind, those with whom we no longer vibrate leave our sphere of influence. It happens spontaneously and is not something we should be concerned about, the Universe takes care of that.

We ebb and flow just like the tide. Because adult human beings are 70% water we naturally seek others like ourselves just as water seeks its own level. Even thought we are like a drop of water in an ocean (part of all on Earth) we are pulled to a higher calling just as water changes states as it evaporates and rises to become vapor in order to become rain and nourish what is below. As we rise, we too change states so that we are able to nourish those around us. Those who are ready for what we have to offer will soak it up as we act in a worthy manner and vibrate where we are supposed to be. Those who are not ready just won’t get it and move on within their own realm of understanding, this is OK, and this is how enlightenment works.

As we rise higher than those around us, we must be aware that the ego has no place here. If someone gets so wrapped up in their new growth status that they wish others to notice and praise them for it their growth will stop. Our ego acts like a dam and stops our flow just as water can be stopped. This will lead to frustration and unhappiness and we will be of no good to our selves or anyone else. The ancient saying says that “before enlightenment we chop wood and carry water and after enlightenment we chop wood and carry water.” The difference in the before and after is that after we truly understand why we are chopping and carrying. We truly understand how our actions; done with understanding teaches and raises those around us. We do our mundane chores with a new joy, with a new humility, with a new feeling of freedom and bliss.

So be like water and seek your own level, wear down obstacles, sweep a clean path, change states as you need to achieve your enlightenment and do it all without ego, with grace, with love and joy.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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