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“God” or the idea of it, as a force, is an extremely interesting concept to a large number of people. They talk about it (the subject/idea) they look for it/Him/ Her, they fight over it, they hold grudges and do any number of asinine things to prove their side is right and any other is wrong, and are easily offended by the fact that others do not hold the same ideas on the subject as they do.

The truth of the matter is that the thing, the concept, the energy that we call God, belongs to….EVERYONE!  the Hindus call Him Rama, the Christians call Him God, the Muslims call Him Allah, the Zoroastrians call Him Zarathustra…there many names for this but truth is He (using the generic “he” here) is one. What color do you think He is? What does that matter? He just Is. All countries, all religions, all races, all languages are His.  He exists in all of them.

Take a religion, any one you wish. What is it really? It is a creation of man to help him understand something he feels is complex. God did not create religions; God did not make up the rules imposed by man. If he had we would call him a politician instead of God, it is we who have drawn the lines and made the rules and it is we who fight over them.

Story; there were four men from different countries who were traveling together on a quest for enlightenment. One morning they woke and decided what they wanted to eat for breakfast. The Croatian wanted narance, the Norwegian wanted appelsiner, the Welshman argued for orennau while the Spaniard demanded they should have naranjas. Their argument was growing ugly when a wise man stopped to listen. After a moment the wise man raised his hand and said in a commanding voice, “SILENCE!!” the four companions stopped their fighting to hear what the wise man had to say. “Give me your money and I will bring all of you what you desire.” The travelers decided to do this and gave the wise man their coins and, as he walked away, the men turned their backs on each other to wait in angry silence for the old one to return.  Soon they saw him coming back with a sack which he handed them. They opened it anxiously and each triumphantly pulled out their chosen fruit. Each man was holding an orange. Each had been fighting over a difference in language. Pretty silly don’t you think?

That is just what we do over religion. Rather than having a blind faith in a certain religion, we need to embrace the truth that God is in ALL religions, ALL things and ALL people and use this information to foster love , affection and understanding for each other; to embrace our likenesses rather than our differences. See, every day, that God is EVERYWHERE and in ALL OF US with NO restrictions NO conditions and NO exceptions. Bright Blessings

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