Sunday, July 17, 2011



“When you change what you think about, what you think about changes.” {CR}

1)   When you think, you create frequencies that radiate out like a pebble being thrown into a pool of water. As the frequencies move away from your biology, they move whatever they come in contact with; this creates changes in the people and things around you. This affects the attitudes of others whom you encounter. If your vibrations are positive, pleasant and loving, others will be more likely to react in kind.

2)   If you wish to create something that you desire; think about what it is about the desire makes you feel good. If you pull up feelings and thoughts of doubt, want, lack or need that will stop your manifestation cold and you will receive nothing. So focus on what makes you feel good about what you desire to manifest.
    Give your self some time with the good feeling, enjoy it and revel in it. If there is any doubt or negative feeling that comes up, find a new thought that feels good. As you think and feel good about your desire, new, positive thoughts will come to you to aid your progress.

3) I tell my students that changing personal areas of your life is a bit of a process and it is. Start small; first, decide what area you wish to change and ask yourself what feelings are associated with it. Now, gently and in a nonjudgmental way, ask yourself what you think about that area. Do you think you should be ashamed, guilty or angry? Are you? If so you need to rethink your feelings because the negative thoughts will create negative feelings and your changes for the better will not occur. If you feel unsure or afraid to implement changes in your thoughts and feelings on the matter, ask yourself what is the reason for the fear and change that first. Once you get to the root of your issue, use positivity and love to find some clear answers that will raise your vibrational frequencies so that you can see your path to revising what you want to change.

Once you have raised yourself to a place of clarity and nonjudgmental action focus your thoughts to create your “point of light” that will resonate with the Universe so that it can send back to you what it is that you truly desire.(change, money, job, home…whatever it may be)

3)   Stays focused on your intent and keep your mind-stream clear and positive every day. If you get caught up in your old negative thought patterns you will stop all forward movement. Remember that manifestation is much like spring; you may not see it working behind the scenes but it is working, change is constant and is the way of the Universe, just because you don’t “see anything” does not mean it is not working; this is where faith and patience come in.

4)   Now here is the weird part. As soon as you are comfortable with your new thoughts, with your new gratitude about it and your new ability to love it, completely let it go and let the Universal Energies of Creation take over. Your changes will manifest faster and more thoroughly if you just let go and let Creation do its job. This will also free you up to work on other things.

© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved

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