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I officiate a lot of weddings and usually write a ceremony that reflects what the couple is focused on for their life together. I get all kinds of topic requests for this focus; family, children, blended families, ancestors, people and pets joining, two becoming one...the list is long. Recently I was asked to write a wedding ceremony that was all and only about love. This was new and I 'love' the idea. As I began to consider the couples request I was pleasantly surprised at the resulting creation...but why should it be anything but wonderful with love as it's focus? After reading it I decided to take out all of the direction and the family names and share it with you. As we anticipate the upcoming shift, change, whatever you wish to call it; because it fits so well in all aspects of life, what better topic to embrace than love? I share now with you the dissertation on love, the most important emotion you can embrace. (the words in parenthesis are add ins for this blog)

We are gathered this day to celebrate love in all its forms but especially the love that makes a life commitment between two people (humans, God and the planet).

This type of love is not afraid to make promises and work to keep them. It seeks not only to be, but to continue. It is based as much, if not more, on the hopes for the future as on the pleasures of the present.

This unconditional love does not manipulate or try to change, it allows both (all things) to be who (and what) they were; growing into who (and what) they are, all the while encouraging them to rise into who (and what) they will become. It is a letting go of all expectations and is an embracing with full acceptance, trust and celebration of your mortal person-hood (and its connection to source and your home planet).

Unconditional love in it's mature state understands and realizes the joy that comes from knowing that each of you is happy; both in the others company and out of it; it is to give fully with no expectation of return but receiving anyway, and it is trusting completely. Love, true unconditional love, needs no reason for its existence, it just is.

Knowing what love, in its purest state, is only half of this equation. The other half is to understand that marriage (whether between people or you with yourself or with your life in general) is not just a simple love affair but it is a bit of an ordeal; an ordeal of the sacrifice of your ego to this new relationship (whatever that may be). The relationship of two becoming one while keeping your individual centers; of creating another family within families requires such a sacrifice. Therefore sacrifice not one to the other but to your relationship.

We as humans are born of stardust and deepest oceans, of erupting volcanoes and the bones of the earth. In creating and celebrating this union you are celebrating the heritage of all of these things and the love of all humans from the dawn of time. In making this commitment to love, honor and respect each other, you share that which is best in all of us and give a moment of light to the world. (The more we connect through love, the better off everyone/thing will be)

Do you now commit to each other in love, honor and respect?

Do you now promise to communicate in love and kindness, with each other even when you fear you may distress the other?

Do you promise to commit to your own well being, of body, mind and spirit so that you can relate to each other in a loving, positive and healthy way in order to provide a healthy home for each other?

Do you commit to support and comfort each other in times of illness and health as long as love shall last?

Look at the one you love and tell them what is in your heart.

Behold these rings those who witness; bind these children by their troth; let them grow in love together, love now joined is never lost.

Heart to thee, life to thee, now and forever so mote it be

It is done; two are one,

We, our planet, our Source are one. No ceremony is needed only remembering and reconnecting on a conscious, aware level is required. Decide today to embrace unconditional love for yourself and all around you and grow in strength, peace and grace. Love, Light, Laughter and Bright Blessings, Chessie

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