Sunday, September 18, 2011



“Come on Honey, it's time to go to Big Boy/Girl school.”

“I don't want to go! I want to stay home with you!”

“Come on sweetheart you will have a good time and meet all kinds of new friends and play new games! You'll love it!!”

Sullenly, “OK.”


“Here we are, hop put and lets meet your teacher.”

The water works start and then the screaming, “NNNNNOOOO! MMMOOOMMMYYY! You are terrified of the unknown and don't want your comfort, your known quantity to leave.

The teacher gently, but firmly takes you back into the school while Mom quickly walks away with a big smile and promises to come back after school is over.

As you become interested and then engrosses in the days lessons and play, Mommy fades to the back of your mind and you begin having a wonderful time. Soon the bell rings and Teacher says, “It's time to go home.” and Mommy appears at the door.

The waterworks start in reverse, this time not from fear but frustration. The fear you felt earlier has been replaced by fun and new things, you will learn quickly the coming and going of school and you move on.

This is a conversation I had with a friend of mine several mornings ago;

Friend; “Why do we hang onto the very things we know we must let go of?”

Me; “Comfort zone stuff. We get comfortable with the situation and change is scary. Knowing something and acting on that knowledge are entirely two different things,

F: “So I guess we will ultimately change when the push to change becomes less uncomfortable than the draw of staying the same?

M; “Bingo! When we can “act in” and “do courage”, then we grow. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

F; “Excellent point! It is a choice after all.”

M; “It is and always has been a choice.”

F; “It's the kindergarten thing again then Hun?”

M; “Yes, who knew THAT would follow us so far?”

F; “It is interesting how we speak(think) our lives into existence! ...When we see that...oh boy! Life is getting fun!”

And there it is, The Kindergarten Thing. It isn't just an event in our lives, It it something that we go through over and over again as we live our lives. Elementary school, entering high school, dating, doctors/dentist appointments, speeches, marriage/divorce, new jobs, child birth, a death in the family and, maybe the most frightening of all spiritual growth. We face changes all of lour lives. Most of the time we breeze right through them but there are the ones that take us right back to kindergarten.

The more personal these things are the more we resist them and hang onto the very thing(s) we KNOW we need to let go of. The fear of the unknown will sometimes stop us cold. Now here is the problem with that; most will stay where they are not happy and complain, worry and internalize their fear and frustration, putting themselves in the roll of “victim”. All the while blaming the boss or the situation when all they have to do is decide to make a change for the better. While they are feeling stuck and spinning themselves up into a frenzy over their “bad luck” and being the victim, they are making themselves sick. Then, when their bodies succumb to the eternal stuff that they are CHOOSING to put themselves through they can cry victim once again because they are now very sick. Here is where you face the choice to stay feeling sorry for yourself or deciding you don't want to play any more.

When you face your fear of change and step out in courage and trust that you can help yourself, your life begins to change in wonderful and unexpected ways. The next time you have to go back to kindergarten remember this and you will do well. Bright Blessings and Happy first Day of School!

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  1. Wonderfull!!!! I can't wait to pass this on to my kiddos!!! I have a tween screaming to hear it today too!