Sunday, October 2, 2011



The ancestor of every action is a thought.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your mind set is your mental map to your life. Your mind registers absolutely everything that passes through your life and processes it according to your core beliefs. For instance, if you were trained while you were a child to truly believe that you are worthless in some way, that belief is super glued to your deepest thoughts and feelings about you. This holds true for EVERYTHING in your life path.

What you habitually think whether you are aware of it or not, you manifest. If there is something in your life that just will not go away and you feel that it should, you must dig down to find the thought, the mind set that is mapping that part of your life. These things that you don't want will show up everywhere, in your ability to succeed in all aspects of your life, in your biology, in your attitude(s) about certain beliefs that vary from your own. Quite frankly, there is a spiritual maturity issue here, a level where you recognize that examination, opening and growth is required for you to proceed.

Your root chakra holds your past life experiences and fears concerning your survival, work, family,health, trust and things of this nature; you may have to start work here. Truthfully and with LOVE for your self, examine these deep seated beliefs to find your overriding belief so that you can change it. Change is scary but the enlightenment and growth are well worth the effort. As you work through the changing of your mindset you bump into the chakra 2 issue of change itself; your feelings about what others think (and why you care) and your ideas concerning attention and power-seeking. (Don't get your knickers in a twist here, we all go through these things as we must to evolve, I am just letting you know that they will come up...eventually)

Once you have gotten this far chakra 3 comes into the transformation. This is where your personal power, self confidence,self esteem and your ability to stand by your own convictions comes into play. So you have identified the fact that your mind set map is “off” and not fitting the lay of the land as you used to think it should lie, you have decided to dig down to fine out why you are thinking in an unhealthy way and, once found, you have decided to implement change to remap your thoughts, so here is where you make your stand. Is your new thought map worthy of you? Does it reflect your best interests? Does it raise your vibrations? Does it make you feel good? Great, now, can you stand by your new conviction?

Congratulations! You have grown into the balance of love at your heart chakra area. You have come to the place that, with a new and empowering mind set, you are able to move up to a higher level of life and love with yourself and those around you. You will spontaneously move into your throat chakra to communicate your new hearts truth of your new mind set and find the courage to cross the bridge that connects your intellect with your senses. This will shoot you up into your 6th chakra where you can see the deepest beauty and truth in all things then you will evolve again into your greatest connection to Transcendent Spirit and your one-ness in the cosmos and true freedom.

All of this wondrous growth from the seemingly small decision to change your mind-set! I wish you blissful growth, remapping and Bright Blessings Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved

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