Sunday, October 30, 2011


    Study and practice are both very important, but they must go hand in hand. Faith without knowledge is not sufficient. Faith needs to be supported by reason. However intellectual understanding that is not applied in practice is also of little use. Whatever we learn from study we need to apply sincerely in our daily lives.” {The Dalai Lama} How many books about spiritual practices do you own? How many classes have you taken? How many degrees have been conferred upon you? How many self help books, classes, and degrees do you have? Now the hard question; What are you doing with all of this information?

Humans seeking enlightenment seem to have a tenancy to become collectors of information and, once it has been obtained, we are prone to be proud of its ownership. Our shelves are full of information but what about our lives? Our everyday, mundane, one foot in front of the other lives? When is this wonderful information used?

In order to become the better, spiritual person that so many say they want to become, the information must be incorporated into your daily practices. Here is where most of us get into a dilemma. How to do this. We are so “informed” that we are choking on the huge wad of “what to do-s” and “what not to do-s” that we give up in frustration and do nothing, thus not becoming anything other than what we already were; the person we weren't happy with to start with.

Here is a suggestion, find a program that will give you a foundation on which to start. One that will guide you through your own “stuff” so that you can see/feel step by step what it is you are trying to accomplish; the you that you wish to create. Then incorporate those practices until they become second nature to you so that you can grow further as your understanding reaches new heights.

Practices are called that for a reason, if you do not practice, you will not achieve. When you were a baby learning to walk, you practiced diligently to get the hang of putting one step after the next. You learned to talk so that others could understand you with the same determination. What about learning to drive, how long did you strive for that goal? Everything worth doing has taken practice. Think about this the next time you are ready to announce that you “can't” do something; meditate, pray, feel anothers distress or joy, or let something go.

Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance is such a program. One of my students called it “an easy to learn/digest package that is now available for those who are are willing to accept it when it's offered.” We now have a testimonial tab on the website so that you can read what some of those who have followed the classes and have made them part of their daily lives are saying about EOS.

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