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You have been brought up to believe that your life has to be a certain way, where in truth and reality it does not have to be any way.” {Robert Adams}

Lets start with the way most of us do things, by committee. You have an idea for what you want do this weekend. How many people do you ask for their opinion of what you should do? All the while you know what you want to do but because you are worried about what others in your circles, you ask their advice. Now here is the kicker, you decide that because a majority of your committee says that they “love the wine tour and you should go” that is what you do. You find that while it's nice, it is unfulfilling to you and you wonder why. After a few days of questioning your ability to have fun you realize that you would have much rather gone rafting on the river, in the quiet, alone but, you didn't because your committee would think you’re weird. Here is what you have done; sacrificed your true happiness to the opinion of those around you, your committee. These are those people that you have surrounded yourself with that tell you what to do so that you don't have to take responsibility for your choices. You can blame them for not having a good time, after all you only did what they suggested, right? You have put your self in to a master slave type of relationship and, if you look around you will find that you are in several different ones.

This committee thing is done anytime we want our friends to be excited, angry, vindictive, or even happy with us. It is a way of garnering support for our drama. With backing we don't have to take any responsibility for any unpleasant outcome that may happen. Your committee will shield your connection to your surrender point and as long as you continue to rely on them the longer you keep your drama high and your growth from manifesting. When you submit to authority of any group; the church, parents and bosses, friends, doctors, teachers, any committee; you are putting yourself into the master-slave relationship rather than in spiritual partnership with the part of you that has your best outcome in mind.

As you begin to grow into your higher power and understanding of all that entails and you start to get back in touch with your self; you begin to learn how to listen to your guidance; the little voice/feeling inside that tells you what is really in your best interests, and, by surrendering to your guidance, your Higher Self, what you actually surrender is your ego (that is the part that keeps you limited and small) This process is much like a drop of water surrendering/merging with the ocean or a seed surrendering to the earth. When the drop surrenders to the ocean, the drop becomes the ocean. When the seed surrenders to the earth, it becomes the plant. Seeds that do not surrender do not grow, they die and go to dust, they waste their potential. If people don't surrender they don't grow, they wither and die.

First you must realize that you have a committee that you go to, who they are and which of your dramas they each support (you may find you have more than one committee.) Second you must decide whether you want to die or grow. Then act on your decision and choose to change your thoughts and actions. To alter your internal climate to calmer climes and thought patterns. Ask your self what is really going on inside your mind. Why are you calling this person or that one, what is your payoff. Then choose to realize the you have all your answers already, you do not need backup. Friendship is one thing but drama support is quite another, one that you can do better without.

First, you learn to truly love yourself, that will spread to the ability to truly love others and then to the connection that allows total surrender to (don't get bogged down in semantics here) Love, God Consciousness, Source, Creation; whatever you wish to call it. You will begin act in the best interest of both yourself and those around you. the This will happen spontaneously and effortlessly. The higher you vibrate, the easier this is. You will start to experience a Divine detachment from drama of all kinds and the need for the opinions of your committees. The Love of which I am speaking is an all inclusive and beautiful thing. It sees the Divine play of consciousness in all things; Love for what love truly is rather than what you have thought it was in the past. This will create in you the desire to be the best person you can be and to create the best outcomes in all that you do whether it is washing dishes or writing a masterpiece; it will be an effort worthy of you. All of this will start an upward spiral of higher vibrations, love, more worthy actions, higher vibrations, love, more worthy actions etc. Soon the committees and concern over what others think will be a thing of the past and not worth your recall. This conscious choice to lift yourself out of the mundane and into the Love of the Universe is a huge step into your goal of wholeness.
Bright Blessings, Light, Love and Laughter, Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved.

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