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It seems that a lot of us are experiencing the loss of family, friends and loved ones lately so it feels appropriate to discuss it here today.

I ask you to look at the Universal truth that “All is One”. What this means is that EVERYTHING is made from the creative energy of Source, God, Unity Consciousness; whatever your paradigm chooses to call it. We, they, it are made from the same 'stuff'. We feel it, we eat it, we breath it, we move through it, we absorb it all our lives. We are biology animated by a SOUL, a part of the Divine, a piece of God Energy so that when we pass form this incarnation, we leave the biology behind (we no longer need it) and the living part of us goes back into the Divine Stuff from which all things are created and we become Divine Stuff again. In this way we become more a part of life and its cycles.

While in the process of passing on to our next plane of existence the Soul is learning what it needs to know, learning the last lessons of this life and coming to peace with whatever that person needs to become at peace with. At this point in the journey prayers for the healing of the biology are not always in the best interest of the soul. Prayers for the “best interest of the soul” are more to the point and less manipulative (more about what we want than about what our loved one requires) and disrupting to the person who is on this journey. We are told that there are two journeys that must be taken alone (from the perspective of the living) birth and death. The truth of the matter is that we are well escorted in both directions by our guidance and the love of the Divine. So by allowing a gentle fearless passing we are giving one of our greatest gifts and by accepting that God knows what It is doing we receive one of our greatest gifts.

One of tenants of the Evolution of Self ; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance program as well as other philosophies tell us "As we are essentially all one, we really never leave. As we pass from our old incarnation toward our new one we are more a part of our loved ones than ever before. As those who loved us remember us, we are forever in their hearts. Then, when it is our turn to walk the same path, we have it paved by those who went before as we pave it for those who come after us. Grief on this plane is in our biology and must be felt and dealt with. Knowing in your heart that no one is ever truly ever lost to us can help our biological self get through the grief better.”{Chessie Roberts}
A wise woman once said to me, “ As your journey through life changes just remember the only thing constant in life is change. Learn from those changes and embrace the life you have been given. Celebrate everyday you have with a smile on your face and a smile in your heart. A Universal Prayer (from the Yoga tradition) to remember throughout the day, "May the Universe be filled with joy, love and light.” Remember the universe starts with you and the finding your own peace, joy, love and light! Namaste”
"The Wise Souls of Tich Nat Han, Ekhardt Tolle, and the Dhali Lama, said; “You can be no closer to God than when you are helping someone transition from this life to the next, it is true grace. Be present to the miracle my friend.
Bright Blessings, Gentle Passings and Strength to let go and remember in love. Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2011, all rights reserved.

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