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Because I am the energy of creation; its’ vessel and its conduit; I am connected to an unlimited abundance. Who and what I require appears at exactly the correct time.”{Chessie Roberts} Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance

You are NOT what you see in the mirror. You are a soul first and a biological vehicle secondly. You, me, all of us are souls that animate the bodies in which we travel. Without the animating force of the soul we would be nothing. We would not be able to feel, create, share, love, manifest, or anything else. As “pieces of The Divine Energy” we are powerful and loving. So what is the catch you may well ask. The catch is that we have to remember what we truly are. As we grow up and learn what we and others feel we need to know to get along in this mundane life, we forget our true origins. Don't panic here, it is natural and we all do it BUT, we do not have to stay ignorant of where we came from and what we truly are.
What do I need to do to remember?” I was asked by a friend of mine recently. Ready? What you need to do is... pay attention to what is no longer serving you, what is not making sense to you anymore and remember. Sounds tricky right? Not really. As you begin to question things that you once took as truth, you know the things I am referring to, those things that make you wonder “why it might be so”; things that make you wonder “how someone may have thought 'that' up”! You start looking for better answers to those questions and, as you look, you realize that most of the questions just aren't important any more (most never were) You may find that a lot of the answers will come from an acceptance on a Faith Base rather than on a “statics, charts and graphs base.” You learn to “feel” the rightness of a thing, situation or experience and by that feeling, know that it correct for you.
As this growth process continues, you realize that what is right for you may, or may NOT be right for someone else and that it is OK. We all learn differently and that's OK. We all have different life experiences and understandings and that is OK. What is correct for you may resonate with another and it may not and that too is OK.
So the truth that makes you, you is not always the truth that makes someone else themselves and that is OK as well. When you reach the level that allows you to be you and others to be who and what they are, with no judgment, criticism or manipulation on your part, then you have remembered fully what and who you truly are. You are ready for what ever YOUR next step may be.
Bright Blessings and happy remembering, Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2012, all rights reserved 

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