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Negativity may be in places that we don't expect. We all know the news is loaded with it but there are other “hidden places” that we think are benign so we don't pay attention. Music is one of these. Even though we may not understand the lyrics on a conscious level, we do on a subconscious, subliminal level. These unaware levels cause your biology to release the corresponding chemicals on the body to create stress, anxiety and anger. The rhythms and tone play into this also.

Programing other than news carries it's own 'hidden negativity” as well. I had this information sneak up on me a few weeks ago. I don't watch much TV any more but every once in a while there is a movie I want to catch, such was that case on this day. I was working on a blog and had set the TV to the channel the movie was coming on and had muted the show so that I could continue working undisturbed until my self-appointed break; when the movie was to start. As I worked (paying no attention to the TV, I began to feel anxious and angry. Not an angry person at this time in my life I became aware that I was really mad! That made me stop working to assess what was going on. My first thought was that the anger was not mine, but coming from an outside source. I was correct, the TV was playing a news report about the war. I turned it off and quickly the anger went away. I was astounded! I had heard nothing of the report (TV was muted) but the vibrations got through to me on a very subtle level. Lesson learned right? Nope, about two weeks later, same scenario, different station. I again felt the anger building and, remembering what had happened the last time looked up to see what was on the muted TV. It was a prayer/preaching show! See, you never know. Sitcoms that rant and yell give off vibrations that disrupt the fragile psyche and cause stresses that most of us have become numb to on a conscious level but our biology reacts to them never the less. Cartoons that portray fighting, harsh voices, lies etc do the same thing to our children. Numbing them on the conscious level to what is really going on in the subconscious level, just like the grownups. We get disruptive energies from fields coming off of cell phones, microwaves (not just in the kitchen), power lines (both above and below) , lighting and all types of radio signals that are flying around all the time.

Negativity and disruptive vibrations don't just come from electronic devices. The place where you work is loaded with them. The people with whom we have to spend a portion of our day can and do affect us whether we are aware of it or not. The anticipation of these encounters can and does have an impact on us. Crying children, barking dogs, construction noise, loud anything and, silent anger, resentment, ugly thoughts... we are surrounded!

Another huge and unrealized offender is the casual use of the nasty little word, “hate”. The word is bandied about in the best of company, used jokingly and as an unnecessary statement of how much the speaker does not like something. You may think I am being overly picky (I have been told so many times by the unaware) but the truth of the matter is what is actually going on in your biology. Your body is in constant communication with your brain. Your brain is constantly eavesdropping on your body therefore, reactions occur before you are aware of them. Don't believe me? OK, have you ever been startled by something your brain and eyes decided was a bug, spider or the like only to find it was a leaf, sock fuzzy or something completely nonthreatening? That is what I am talking about. Your brain thinks it, your body “hears” it and shoots out chemicals to get you out of danger. Ugly, nasty, mean or hurtful words create the same chemical process to occur in your biology. The “h” word causes chemicals to be released that actually do physical damage to the little things that protect the ends of your chromosomes! Once these protective things are gone, they can NOT be replaced and your chromosomes are open to damage from all sorts of places. If this sounds too clinical, think about it this way; the little protective things like the plastic ends on a shoe lace. They hold the chromosomes together and keep out things that can damage. With them gone, the ends of your chromosomes fray, like the shoelace, leaving openings for all sorts of damage to happen.

How do you fix all of this? By becoming consciously aware. Aware of what is going on around you and leaving when you need to, change the channel, turn it down, turn it off, ask gently for it to stop conscious of what you are saying and thinking. Change what you can and stop being around the rest. Simple? Yep. Easy? As easy as you believe it/want it to be.

A little work on your thoughts and habits will go a long way toward making your energetic surroundings a pleasant, happy and healthy place to be and your life will become something wonderful and joyous.

Bright Blessings and Happy Thoughts, Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2012, all rights reserved

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