Sunday, February 12, 2012


Story channeled by Chessie Roberts of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body,Mind, Spirit from Guidance

In a country far away there lived a young boy who could correctly spell any word he ever heard. His teachers were so impressed that they entered the boy in the countrywide spelling competition. He won easily and went on to win the next higher competition. The boy was so good at spelling that he soon was noted as the best speller in the world.

His country was very proud of the boy and used him in all sorts of ad campaigns so it wasn't long before everyone in the world knew who the boy was. In all of the notoriety it was soon made public that the boy was an orphan and the country that his birth parents were from decided that they should claim the boy as being their champion. The country in which the child had lived most of his life wanted to hold on to the prestige of claiming that the boy was “their champion”. The two countries decided to argue over the point. The boys foster parents were from still a third country and they felt that their homeland should lay claim to the boy so that country got in on the argument too.

The little boy was distressed because of all of the fighting and arguing so he talked to his friends about how silly the grownups were being. His friends agreed so the children went to the meeting house and asked the three countries if they would please listen to the children for a minute. The fighting grownups decided that mere children could not be useful in this situation and turned them away so the friends decided to make their own plans.

The children snuck the boy into hiding thinking that the countries would stop fighting over the boy and join forces to find him. The children thought that this way the grownups would see what they were doing and how ridiculous it was and stop fighting. To their dismay, the argument was so intense that the boys absence went completely unnoticed for many days.

Now children have good hearts and wonderful insights but are not always the best planners and their lack of planning left their friend alone in the woods without adequate food, shelter or clothing and the spelling champion took ill. When the children discovered their friends plight they took him straight way to hospital. Because the boy was so famous the hospital called the authorities to tell them what had happened and the argument came at once to the boys sick room where it continued.

The countries and the press had by this time involved the entire world in the silly mess and the arguing had escalated to near war, and all of the hatred and disagreement swirled above the boy as he lay in the bed not caring anymore what happened, he just wanted it all to stop. But on and on the ugliness went with no notice of the little boy as he, once again slipped quietly away.

That afternoon his friends came to see him and found their friends bed surrounded by arguing adults and flashing cameras. The children crawled and wiggled their way through the argument until they reached the bed of their friend where they found his body just as they had left it the day before but now it was uninhabited. The children raised such a waling that the grownups were forced to stop their argument to ask what was wrong with the children. One little girl who had been closest to the worlds spelling champion stepped forward and with great dignity told the assembled adults,”you were so busy arguing over who owned this little boy that you were not enjoying and celebrating what a wonderful gift he was to the world and because of that heaven took him back.” In the silence that descended, the children thought that the argument was finally over but now the world was angry about who was to blame for the boys death and would pay the hospital bill.

The children left the room, again without notice, and went to talk among themselves. Their decision was that the sad truth of it all was that the adults were just crazy because they could no longer see or feel what was truly important. The children also decided that they would make a conscious effort to never lose the ability to see, feel and love. Who are you not seeing in your life? Who is moving quietly through your life that you are letting slip away. What and who is really important to you? Are they worthy of your attention?

As the worlds energy shifts and changes we will have to shift and change along with it or perish. We must learn to work together for the common good rather than argue about the drama and nonsense that so many seem to feel is important. We must pay attention to the little things that are in reality quite large. May you embrace the little seemingly inconsequential things that, in actuality, heal and cause bonds of reconnection and grow love, Bright Blessings, Chessie

© Chessie Roberts 2012 All Rights Reserved

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