Sunday, May 6, 2012


One determination I have has been used on us in the same manner as we used blinders on horses...the leather pads attached to the sides of a horses keep him focused...only...on what we want him to see...we spend most of our days and nights...looking down...when we absolutely be looking up...”{Leo Walton}

I know that we are programmed by all sorts of things through our lives. I teach this information to others and explain to them how and why it happens. However,in the past six months or so, I have had it displayed for me in an unexpected way.

I try to use my time in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and information rather than just staring mind numbingly at the TV but, I have discovered a station that carries the shows, or should I say programs, from my youth. I admit, I was sucked in and I now understand why. It was so that I could report to you what the programers did to us.

The cartoons from the 40s and 50s were overtly sexual. The ones from the 60s eluded to the alteration of ones brain chemistry. As I have watched the westerns, I have realized the overt damming of and the assimilation the Native American and the African American into a “whiter culture” and have watched the pendulum swing (slowly) in the direction of honoring other cultures and allowing them to just be.

I have seen the Feminist Movement move from total oppression to the acceptance of women as people too. I have watched the dawning of the fact of molestation that, when I was growing up, no one talked about, the fact that is seems to be mainstream in out society these days I find a bit alarming.

I have watched, this time with conscious awareness and better understanding of what I was seeing. I have watched, with horror, the demise of our dietary choices and a dumbing down of society as a whole as we have been programmed to give our power over to those “who know more that we do.” The doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists and even celebrities who are now knowledgeable about things “beyond our comprehension”. We have sat in bondage to the flickers of the waves coming from the box that mesmerize us into believing we are separate entities, that we are entitled to what ever we think we desire, and should get it no matter what the true cost; that we must rely on the opinions of others to make us worthy to be. We have been taught that we need to have committees of friends with whom to share our ideas in order to make them worthy of presenting. Society seems to have embraced the idea that we are connected to everyone elses drama and that we should re-act accordingly (get spun up in it) This idea is embraced while we look away from our true connection to the planet and ourselves, and our responsibilities to it and to ourselves. We feel detached from everything unless there is fear, drama and angst. We have given over the wisdom of the ancestors, our own common sense and the ability to think for ourselves to the prognostications of our electronics. Those wonderful toys that bring everything, true or false, within eye-sight and ear-shot. The information we get now is so fast and overwhelming that we are numbed by it and accept what is easy. Take the product, aspirin for instance. For eons it (willow bark) was used for pain relief and as a blood thinner. Then big pharma began touting it as a help in time of heart attack, which it was, but the selling job was so successful in the US that now the advertising is geared to remind us that it is good for pain relief; and the pendulum swings again.

The other thing we get from programing is the idea that we need to be victims. This pendulum is just now swinging back to the “stand in your own power and lift yourself up” side of things. I say good to that.

Now I am not saying that this is all a bad thing but I do caution balance and due diligence. If it doesn't vibrate comfortably with you, check it out. By the same thought process, if it seems too comfortable, check it out; is it playing into your memes (false ideas of truth)or is it reflecting a prejudice you have? If it sounds too good to be true; it probably is. If you can achieve it without any effort; run the other way. If you are angered by it; you should figure out why, there is probably a lesson in it for you.

Wisdom is a wonderful thing but it does not just fall on you like rain, it is something you have to look for, work for and truly desire to find. It requires work on your part, like it or not anything worth having is worth working for. By becoming aware of the programing around us that is, in our present time, fast, furious and doesn't give us much time to think and make a conscious aware decision to “wake up and pay attention”{EOS} we can use it to our advantage. “Turn on, tune in, drop out” was the rally cry of the kids in the 60s. We can change that to better use in this century “turn off (the TV) tune in (to our higher self) and drop in (on your own power and life) to make this the best year you have ever had.

May the entire world be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. May the Light of Truth overcome all darkness. Victory to that light!” Chessie
© Chessie Roberts 2012, All rights reserved

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