Sunday, April 22, 2012


 © Chessie Roberts March, 4,2011, all rights reserved

My life is an ocean with ebb and flow, high and low,

Life within and without, above as well as below.

The sun rises out of one hemisphere and sets into the other;

Into my ocean and out from my sea.

Many drops and one heaving mass, crashing waves of emotion

as well as gentle caresses that wash over your sands.

Frozen bergs floating, bobbing and rocking in warm currents,

I evaporate in your heat and am drawn up into you

There, sated and heavy I fall again into myself,

Coming together from all over, dripping from leaves, melting from snow,

Bubbling up from deep wells, all back into the ocean that is me,

the ocean of I AM.

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  1. This is Beautiful Chessie:)!! love it so much expression of life..Thanx so muc for sharing it...I love yar post but when a poem comes from the heart it is more moving;) I enjoyed it and love that ya learned something new:)!xoxox Cathy