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What are Your Chakras and What Can They Do For You

Chakras are wheels of energy that are located along your physical spine. Like your nerves and blood vessels feed your physical body, your chakras feed your energetic body. For them to do this efficiently they should be aligned and free spinning. You keep them that way by your awareness of them and how they feel when they are misaligned or blocked.

What misalignes them? Stress is the biggest factor. You hear of “good stress” and “bad stress” but the truth of the matter is that stress is stress, there is no good or bad. Your idea and notion about whether it is good or bad can and does add to the intensity so you may want to consider changing you paradigm around this subject. A neutral attitude about stress will make it easier for you to detach your emotions about  the subject that is stressing you and allow you to calm down, thus helping lower the stress.

As you learn more about these wonderful things in your body/mind system the more fascinating they become. They can let you know something is amiss before you feel bad or sick. They can give you guidance about whether a food or product is beneficial to you before you buy it. As you become more adept at using your energetic system you will be able to make better judgments and choices that impact your life.

In this series of articles, I will tell you a bit about each chakra area, what it affects and other information about it. The series will begin with the first chakra and rise to the seventh. To get you started, I have compiled a list of  them with some of their lesser known attributes. Having never seen the mantras written, and only heard them chanted, I have taken the liberty of using (my version) phonetic spellings of the Sanskrit words  so that they can pronounced. The Sanskrit is in the parenthesizes.

CHAKRA ONE ; “mu-la-dara” (Muladhara)
LAW                  ; Law of Karma
MANTRA          ;  Om kree om ne-ma
MEANING        ; My actions are in alignment with cosmic law.
NA                      ; Earth
FINGER             ; Ring
CHARGE           ; Neutral

CHAKRA TWO ; “saf-ris-tina”  (Svadhisthana)
LAW                   ; Law of Least Effort
MANTRA           ; Om dack-sham ne-ma
MEANING         ; My actions achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort.
MA                      ; Water
FINGER              ; Pinky
CHARGE            ; Negative

CHAKRA THREE ;”Mauny-poura” (Mamipura)
LAW                       ; Law of Intent and Desire
MANTRA               ; Om re-tam ne-ma
MEANING      ; My intentions and desires are supported by Nature's intelligence.
SHI                  ; Fire
FINGER          ; Thumb
CHARGE        ; Positive

CHAKRA FOUR   ; “Ana-har/ta”  (Anahata)
LAW                       ; Law of Giving and receiving
MANTRA               ; Om var-tam ne-ma
MEANING             ; I nourish the Universe and the Universe nourishes me.
VA                           ; Air
FINGER                  ; Pointer
CHARGE                ; Positive

CHAKRA FIVE      ; “Vish-u-da” (Vishuddha)
LAW                        ; Law of Detachment
MANTRA                ; Om aun-dum ne-ma
MEANING              ; My actions are blissfully free from outcome.
YA                            ; Space / Ether (where magic happens)
FINGER                   ; Middle
CHARGE                 ; Negative

CHAKRA SIX         ; “Azsah- na” (Ajna)
LAW                      ; Law of Dharma
MANTRA                ; Var-u-num ne-ma
MEANING              ; My life is in harmony with cosmic law.

CHAKRA SEVEN   ; “Sha-swar-a”  (Sahasrara)
LAW                         ; Law of Pure Potentiality
MANTRA                 ; Om bawan ne-ma
MEANING               ; I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.  

To your enlightenment and wellness, Bright Blessings, Chessie.

© Chessie Roberts 2012 all rights reserved
Chessie Roberts is a Singer/song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Lecturer and  the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe,crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential self improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her ability to put things into an easy to learn package allows participants to fine tune their healing intentions, identify personal goals and clarify the path they wish to devise in order to heal themselves and grow into their own Spiritual Evolution

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