Monday, June 15, 2009

Who is Chessie Roberts

Chessie Roberts, a gifted singer/songwriter who began studying a better way to be healthy when she was told by her doctor to become accustomed to being fat, crippled and on narcotics. She had become so infirm that her music and quality of life were suffering and a wheelchair was her constant companion.
The charka system was not new to her but this particular application was. By using it, visualization and mental reprogramming of out-dated ideas in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, she (and her chiropractor) found her improvement staggeringly rapid. Amazed and excited by this melding of traditions and practices, Roberts decided to share the information with others and created “Evolution of Self; A Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance.

Through this series of programs, taught in three levels, Roberts leads participants through exercises that are designed to help them “tap into your own strength and knowledge that can bring clarity to your entire existence, making it better, healthier and more fulfilling”(csrobertsEOS.)

Each level of the program builds on the one before it and all together gives a framework for a truly balanced life. She has been studying, teaching and living this program for close to 20 years.
Born in Mississippi in 1950, Roberts was the daughter of a high school English teacher and a career Navy man. She quickly developed an insatiable curiosity about every thing that happened to cross her path. Traveling extensively across America and to any country where her family found themselves assigned, her love of different traditions and thought processes was created and nurtured. Encouraged by grandparents and parents alike, she dug into many music traditions and different ideologies. Roberts studied on college level in Florida, Virginia and California. She also learned and uses from everyday life.

She taught “Ethics in Worship” in small, selective classes for many years, writes both prose and music which she performs with her husband in the Archer’s Meadow band. She and her husband reside in the Tidewater area of Virginia and enjoy performing their music, sharing Evolution of Self, helping to lay the ground work for DubLi (a consumer driven shopping portal and fund raising platform) and spending time with their children and grand children.

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