Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bridging Mind/Body Consciousness

Bridging Mind/Body Consciousness
Because the intelligence that controls the Universe is the very same that controls everyone and everything, we are not alone. We are ultimately connected to all life from the ultra, infinitesimal, subatomic particle all the way out to the entire cosmos.
This is the bridging concept that connects body/mind; consciousness/physiology; individual environment/universal intelligence. This is the natural order that helps people live longer, healthier lives that are in harmony with our environment which is the birthright of every individual.
Maharishi Ayur-Veda says that the primary source of human suffering as a lack of connection with our body’s inner intelligence. {The ancient word for this is paragyaparadh, meaning ‘the mistake of the intellect’.} This ‘mistake of the intellect’ is the idea that what we experience through our senses, touch, sight, taste, sound, smell is all there is of life. Kind of like looking at the waves on the ocean and deciding that they are what there is to know of the ocean and not looking below the surface.
Wholeness is actually a state of awareness; of perfect balance. This balance is the point at which we are inwardly aware and in tune with Nature’s silent rhythms that are our source of our inner intelligence. That stability and groundedness is what keeps us healthy in all three areas of our humanity, body, mind and spirit.
Western medicine teaches us to listen to another person [the Dr.] rather to our physicality, our inner awareness which knows that something is wrong long before we ‘see’ any symptoms. Once we become aware of something being ‘off’ then we can look inside to see where we are out of balance, what has tipped over too far or not far enough.
Our job must fit within our balancing act; it must reflect our purpose, our dharma. If it doesn’t, then we are unhappy in our work and there is no satisfaction in what we are doing with our lives.
If we are aware of our purpose and our job reflects that we are comfortable in our circumstance and there is a lovely flow and sense of well being in our daily lives. Things seem to be accomplished without effort or struggle, with no stress or fatigue.
If the reverse is true and we are unhappy, stressed and worn out all of the time, we are creating toxins within our bodies and we will bee ill in some or all aspects of our three parts.
Remember that job satisfaction and being happy with ourselves are the 2 MOST IMPORTANT RISK FACTORS for heart disease and other dramatic illnesses.

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  1. Such great reminders to always be aware of thoughts and how we interpret situations is everything. Why is it so hard to do? I read several of your posts and truly enjoy the valuable lessons. See you here again soon!