Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is Stress and What Does iIt Do?

Self talk-Stress;
(c)Chessie Roberts 2010, used by permission all rights reserved

Copra’s’ description of stress; “It is the interpretation of a physical or psychological threat. Not something in your environment or within you but your interpretation of what is happening in your environment.
Two people in the same situation, i.e. a bumper car ride; one will feel exhilaration and joy while the other feels stress. The exhilarated persons chemistry will create interleukins (cancer fighting chemicals) while the stressed persons body makes free radicals which cause aging, entropy and disease.
Many believe that there is “good stress” and “bad stress” but those are just labels. If you interpreted the experience to be unpleasant or threatening to you then you have a situation of stress that is not good for you. But if you feel the experience was an opportunity or a challenge that excites you then you do not create stress and that is good for you.
So stress is really your interpretation of whether you are facing a threat or an opportunity, therefore it is your internal dialogue.

Some techniques for stress management;
1)music, 2) relaxation/meditation {transcendental is best}, 3) massage, 4) aroma therapy, 5) change in your environment-movie for an immediate change, 6) laughter [especially at yourself]
You know that your self talk will create your reality about what you are experiencing so, take a moment and become consciously aware of what you are saying to your biology. It it something that will help or harm you? Remember; keep your mind with you always, be conscious and aware. Bright Blessings, Chessie

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