Sunday, February 21, 2010

FEAR; IT IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF Part 3, Where is Your Comfort Zone?

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Where is Your Comfort Zone?

Your comfort zone is the little box we live in where everything is j-u-s-t the way we like it, we are comfortable. Sounds great right? Well, I guess it can be but we need to watch out because it can keep us from growing, moving, sharing, or creating. To do that, we have to (shaky, scary letters here) STEP OUT OF THE ZONE. That is sometimes a very fear-inducing thing to do.
Where are the boundaries of your comfort zone? Do you feel comfortable talking to strangers? Is it easy for you to eat alone in a restaurant? How do you feel about public speaking? How about going into a social situation unescorted? Would you rather hug someone (not family), shake hands or hide in a hole? Does interstate traffic make you wish you were driving a tank instead of your poor defenseless car? Do places of authority scare the starch right out of you?
I understand, there are things that are outside everyone’s comfort zone. Things that you would rather chew broken glass then face. things that you fear and that is ok. Here is where we talk about changing that. Don’t panic, You don’t have to make a speech on top of a speeding truck on the interstate, baby steps, baby steps.
What I am advocating is just expanding the zone of what is comfortable for you. As you overcome things that make you fearful, your courage to try something new grows. As that happens, you become more and more powerful and fear less.
So let’s break it down. To be able to begin talking to someone you don’t know very well try just asking the time or complementing something about that person. When this is comfortable you can ask questions that require conversation on the part of the other person. Soon you will be able to speak to anyone.
Eating alone in a restaurant is intimidating to a lot of people so know you are not alone. Start small with a fast food place. Everyone is in a hurry and you won’t be noticed. Then move up to some place that caters to your neighborhood. Next, try the larger chains, by then you will be able to go anywhere.
Public speaking is the most feared thing out there and I strongly suggest a public speaking club such as Toastmasters. They will walk you right through it with all the support you can ever want.
Get the picture here? Just take one small step until you feel comfortable and then the next. Every time you reach and stretch, you grow closer to handling you fears in a powerful, productive and positive way.
Until next week, Bright Blessings. Chessie

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