Sunday, February 14, 2010


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“Your mind is the most marvelous bio-computer ever created. It does not deal with vague ideas; it is activated by specifics.” Denis Waitley

I asked you last time where your power is, who/what is controlling it. Listen to the words you use when you think or talk about what you are holding fear about. Do you say things like “I can’t…”, “I hope…”, “What if…”, “That is horrible…”, “It’s not my fault…” or “That is a problem…”? I tell you now that you are using vocabulary that feeds your fear and destroys your power/strength to attempt to grow. Yes, for you who have taken levels 1 and 2, this goes back to proper self talk. By changing your verbiage, you begin to change your attitude, your focus and your emotions about what you feel you want to do.

Try these words instead; “I won’t…” Won’t implies that you have chosen to use your power not to do something, rather than meekly give in to circumstances beyond your control. Your subconscious hears it as “I’m weak” so you will be. Or as an alternative, try using, “I choose to…” and see/feel the difference.
Try changing ‘hope’ to; know. Hope tells your subconscious that there is a good chance that whatever you want will not manifest; i.e., “I hope I can go home for the holidays”. Now changing the one word, “I know I can go home…” puts your power back into your hands,
“What if’ gives the Universe your permission to walk all over you. It tells your subconscious that you are completely out of control. Because it is a vague and wishy-washy statement, it is also a waste of your energy. Don’t use it at all.
“That is horrible” can be replaced with the thought that whatever it is can be a challenge, and opportunity to help someone or to grow.
The “it’s not my fault” is a cop-out. If it is yours, own it. This is extremely empowering. It makes you the powerful person you want to be, not the victim. If you take responsibility for your life and what goes on in it you have the power to change things for the better.
The change of the word ‘problem’ to the word ‘opportunity’ opens your mindset to one that stretches to embrace the growth that will enable you to become the person you want to become.

As you change to a more powerful vocabulary, your thought processes will follow. This will change how you see yourself, thus changing how others see you, making your self-confidence grow and fear diminish. This will create the ability for you to handle more things that are outside your normal comfort zone and that leads to awesome opportunities for you to enjoy.
Until next week; Bright Blessings. Chessie

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