Sunday, March 14, 2010



One of the responses that I received to my invitation to ask topic questions was “How do I slow down so that my friends and family can catch up with my growth?”

The short answer is that you don’t. Everyone understands and grows at their own rate. I am sure you have heard the saying that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Your friends and loved ones may have their “Ah-ha” moments at different times than you do. That is OK. You must be yourself and they must be themselves. This is one of those things over which you have no control and that is OK as well.

If you attempt to stunt your growth to accommodate someone else’s schedule, you will find quickly that it feels uncomfortable for you. You may find that you are frustrated, angry or there may be some pain involved. All of these fear based feelings occur because you are denying yourself who and what you are becoming. Learning is why you are on this path in the first place, right?

Now if you choose to keep this (these people) person in your life, focus on what you love about them rather than what you don’t. If you focus on the negatives and differences you will find that this is where the discomfort starts.

Focusing on what you love about them will allow your vibrations to continue to rise and spontaneously, theirs will too. Now I’m not telling you to grab their hand and haul them up there with you, the love and the Universe will take care of all of that. If you try you will be right back at the beginning of the question. See your growth as an opportunity to share your knowledge and opinions with others while allowing them to share their knowledge and opinions with you. Their opinions and knowledge may be different, but you can still learn from them if you choose to allow yourself to listen.

If your friends are uncomfortable around you then that is their issue, not yours. Your issue is your growth. So…give yourself, your friends and loved ones space and the freedom to just Be. You will see that it all works out just as it is meant to in the end. It is OK to out grow people and have them out grow you, but by the same process, you will be growing up toward others, that is how we learn and become what we are to become.

Bright Blessings Chessie
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  1. I am first hand experiencing the outgrowing of my own family members currently. Where I know I have to understand my growth is not only important to myself and my children, I have to accept their slower rate. I can love them, and can accept their love, even if it is given in the form of unjust concern. I know in time they will grow to see that my indifference to their concern is simply that I love them and don't wish to perpetuate their current state of being. At the same time I help my children to grow and can protect them by showing them I have nothing to fear and that growth, however painful at any age (teen peer pressure is a doozie), can be a posotive thing!