Sunday, March 28, 2010


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This is for everyone but especially for those people you may know who are convinced that they know ever so much more than any adult on the planet. You may pick up a thing or two yourself.

Have your ever thrown a pebble into a still water pond? Did you notice how far the ripples spread? What you may not see is how far they spread and exactly what they move that is floating on the surface, leaves, bugs, grass, anything growing up through the water.). Let’s think about what happens when these ripples that you have chosen to cause hit the shore of the pond. They bounce back and moving toward the center of the disturbance. This reversed movement will again move everything on the waters’ surface.

Lets’ think of the ponds surface as your life and the pebble as the action that you choose to take in any given situation. The “stuff” in/on the water is now the people with whom you interact. Ready? Here we go. We will discuss other peoples pebbles at the end of this.

You get angry about something and decide to leave home (you’ll show them!!!). Of course since you’re angry, you don’t plan well and don’t think it through well. You leave things behind and you don’t (at this time) care where you will go, what you will do when you get there nor how you will support yourself. All of this will come to you in the back-ripple side of things. To make your escape you involve your friends. They mean well but they don’t understand the ripples ether.

Now, your family finds out and gosh, they are upset!! (ah ha, you got their attention). They have to find you so they also involve every one you know. If that doesn’t work the police get in on things (did you know that there are and will be charges, many charges filed by the police when you do this?) All manner of things fall into place, nation wide alerts go out, street cops looking for you, pictures of you are everywhere, friends (some you will know, some you may not know) and neighbors will be looking for you. Then you have the bad guys who are ALWAYS looking for an easy mark and them, I know you won’t see coming. As a runaway, cold hungry, no back up no support (here come those back ripples) you are that easy mark.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are others throwing their pebbles in to the pond. Those actions have their own ripple patterns and they will interfere with the ripples of others as well as yours. This can quickly become an oogy mess. Get the picture? The point of this whole thing is to show you that everything you choose to do will affect everyone around you to some degree. A lot of those degrees you may not ever be aware of and some will some back to smack you in the face. So pay attention and keep your mind with you at all times. OK?

For the more positive and evolved of you out there, this is also the case with the good actions. Be aware that some of the ripples counteract other ripples (like people praying for different outcomes to the same situation) and some enhance them (that is why many praying for a single outcome works so powerfully). If you know someone that you may be able to help with this please feel free to pass it on.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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  1. In my own family right now there is an earthquake of ripples in the swamp. I say swamp because everyone has a hand in it and no one is communincating to try to settle them they are only throwing out more pebbles and creating an overflow.

    Our situation has now, grown outside the family pond to include, the police department (charges of malicious religions intent i.e. witchcraft) and DCFS for the childrens saftey. Where we in our house practice "Be Still and Know" it is very hard for others to understand how we can be so calm in the thick of it. Some of those rage that we don't understand the gravity of the situation and try to force us (through DCFS, the police, and the states attorney) to do things their way because according to them "you simply don't see what you're doing is wrong". Then the same person doing the bulk of the persecution, becomes jelous, at the simple fact that we are happy with out lives and again a pebble gets dropped cause "I don't see how you can be so happy living that way!" on and on she comes at us without seeing that her actions have not only affected us but her own children, their granparents, the cousins, the aunts the uncles, all wish this would just stop and go away or that a common ground could be found. The truth be told... it's a constant case of pebble and constant waves that don't stop.

    How then do we handle this? Simple, Be still and know. We know eventually things will calm and the wind will blow and the ripples will stop. We know that if as a family we talk to one another and support one another in our house that will ripple out and aid in the calming of the swamp. Instead of dropping pebbles, we try to pick them up. It is impossible to catch them before they hit, especially when you can't see them being thrown, but like the shore we allow them to bounce off of us but hopefully with less stregth then when they hit.

    I will love my children when they need it, love my husband when he needs it, love mySELF when I need it. All I can do I attempt to be mindful of my own actions and hope that the pebbles I drop are those of peace and prosperity.