Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is our last week within the chakra system so we are at chakra seven. Its’ location is just above the top of your head and is connected to your cerebral cortex.
The elemental correspondence at this level is thought. We planted a little seed down at the Earth level and have watched it grow up through Water, Fire, and Air into Sound and light to reach this subjective level of thought.

The color that vibrates here is violet/white. The Sanskrit word for this chakra means “thousand fold’. This refers to the lotus flower that you see pictured for this chakra. The thousand petal lotus represents the harmony of the conscious and unconscious thought structures blending and working together with all the other chakras.

The job of the seventh chakra is many-fold so I will break it down into its’ basic three components; First on the emotional level it is your main controller for your mind and belief system and your life framework. It also deals with your acceptance of new insights and growth in unexpected ways.

Secondly, on a physical level; the word “controller” refers to your pituitary gland. It is your body’s’ scheduler and time clock for your entire system because it regulates all of your other glands to keep your physicality working at peak efficiency.

And third; on a Spiritual level it is your connect to the infinite knowledge that is your birthright. Your, “plug in” (to quote Dr. Carolyn Mysse), to the Cosmic Place of Knowing that is deep within your subconscious, the knowing that is drawing you to tap into it once again. That deep knowledge is what is pulling you to grow and learn so that you once again join your beginning. This is the catch at this chakra level; the thing you are questing for is the thing that is causing you to quest. Your deep longing for your forgotten birthright of knowledge is what is drawing you back.
This is where your Conscious Awareness becomes an awareness of Cosmic Order that you have reached by growing up through the lower chakras. I stop here to remind you that the growth through the chakras IS NOT LINEAR. You will find that you will bounce back and forth between the levels as you examine and reexamine your growth, ideas and perceptions. This is the way it is supposed to happen and it is OK, it is the way this works.

When you are out of balance here you may feel depressed, alienated, bored, or apathetic. You will not want to learn or understand.

I remind you of the old joke that says that a mind and a parachute both work better when they are open. So keep your mind open and accepting of new knowledge, wisdom and information. Don’t resist going back and reexamining your ‘old’ ideas and renewing or rewriting them as they become more enlightened. That is, after all, what your entire existence on this plane of being is truly all about. You will find your AHA! Moments are amazing and well worth your effort.

You know you are in balance when your mind is open enough to filter all information through your new understanding and knowledge. When you realize that you don’t need all of the stuff in your head and can clean it out without judgment, prejudice, guilt or shame.

The goal of the seventh chakra is for you to realize the cosmic truth that you are the creative energy of the universe. You are also the vessel and the conduit of that energy and because of this, through you, conscious awareness can and will manifest in the world.

1)It is located just above the top of your head
2)It is your connectedness to Transcendent Spirit
3)It is your home in the cosmos,
4)It is your ‘oneness’ and freedom

Physicality; brain, eyes (some say only the right one) your muscular and skeletal systems

Issues; inner knowledge, self realization, new knowledge and its’ understanding, your spirituality and its connection to your Higher Self as well as your connection to Universal and Cosmic Energies

Blocked By; attachments

Unblocked By; letting go because all is one so nothing and no one is ever lost.
I trust that you now have a better understanding of your energetic system and how it works.
As always, if you have questions feel free to inquire. Bright Blessings,

© Chessie Roberts 2010, all right reserved

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