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This week brings us to chakra four; located at your cardiac plexus nerve ganglion. Just as this allows your physical heart to nourish your body, the heart chakra feeds your energetic and spiritual heart.

The elemental correspondence here is air because of the movement from the physicality and manifestation of the lower chakras into the more esoteric areas of spirit. This is the mid point in the chakra system where the lower three chakras become tempered and balanced by chakra four as they get ready to join the upper three and a feeling of wholeness and balance begins to appear. Picture an upward pointing triangle (▲) with the points numbered 1, 2, & 3. Then picture a downward pointing triangle (▼) with its’ points numbered 5, 6, & 7. See them laid one over the other to form a star and the number 4 right in the middle. This represents balance that will, when tempered by the love in chakra four, create a radiance that shines out to all things. This unconditional love creates a permanence that magnifies that love to permeate all existence.

The color that vibrates with this chakra is green and the Sanskrit word for it means, ‘sound made without any two things striking / un-struck/ pure/ fresh/ clean.
The job of your heart chakra is to create the binding force of love. This comes from the logical progression of mass @ 1 + the movement @ 2, acted upon by the attraction @ 3 = a love driven by free, joyous acceptance of yourself and all around you. This love does NOT come from a place of need, want, or manipulation. This love, when you move in harmony with it, gives you the ability to let others grow at their own rate, to reach out to another without loosing your center. You begin to feel that sense of wholeness and balance that you are looking for. You loose the desire to judge others by YOUR standards and you are able to see all things as your “next best thing”. I was recently faced with the possibility of having to deal with cancer. I must admit that I was terrified by the prospect and spent a day or two in abject terror. I finally decided that I would have to turn off the fear somehow or have the heinous thing manifest. I fell back on this EOS that I trained for years to create for my answers and during a meditation session I was reminded of the fact that this was “my next best thing.” I decided to see this as an opportunity. If I did have the illness, I could then help others to deal with their circumstance better, so it was “my next best thing”. If I did not have cancer, I could use the anticipation, fear, and experience to help others to see their way through the fear and worry stage. I could also use the experience to teach this portion of this class and again, it was “my next best thing”. The second I made that decision, my fear vanished like I had flipped a switch, and it has indeed been “my next best thing.”

When you are out of balance here you may come across as judgmental or manipulative, control of others is very important and truth is subjugated to YOUR idea of what YOU feel it should be.

Let’s face it, you can’t really know anyone but yourself, so by taking everything less seriously, you can be yourself without letting another take your power. You are also able to see the difference in controlling yourself and NOT controlling others.
Balance means that you can temper the lower chakras with love and begin seeing change in wonderful ways. You know you are in balance when you no longer feel the pull of the lower chakras and realize that you do, indeed, create your own reality and you can influence others.

The goals here are to find unconditional love for your self and others, be able to exercise tolerance and balance within your body, mind, spirit, to realize the Devine Paradox that something that seems small is, in reality very large and the thing that seems very large is actually very small. (If you don’t get what I mean, talk to a teenaged girl about the drama in her life::smile: ) and to find the ability to allow things to be what they are.

1) located at your heart;
2) It is your bridge between your imminent, transcendent spirit and love;
3) Your ability to share love and life with yourself and others.
PHYSICALITY: circulatory system, hands, arms and shoulders

ISSUES: consideration and empathy for others; the link between your intellectual and spiritual selves; your ability to direct love to your self and others and your inner peace.


UNBLOCKED BY: Accepting the fact that love is energy; it is all around you and is always born again as new loves.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

©Chessie Roberts 2010, all rights reserved

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