Sunday, August 8, 2010


Chakra five is located at your throat and corresponds with your pharyngeal plexus This is the place of your self expression.

The element here is ether but that is a subject under much dispute so for this particular train of thought I am going to use the element of sound.
The color that vibrates with this area is a bright sky blue and the root of the Sanskrit word for the throat area means ‘to purify’.

The job in the fifth chakra is communication, both verbal and nonverbal. This is where you develop the ability to express your creativity and skills. These include effective listening; the ability to accurately hear what another is trying to tell you while realizing that they are speaking from a different life experience than you. (That means their experience of an event shared with you will seem like a different event because of the difference in your backgrounds.)

Communication is the connecting principal that makes life possible and, in actuality, it is the act of extending your consciousness to create an understanding of your ideas in another. You use sound, vibration and rhythm to form words or symbols that are called the alphabet to write words, or maybe you use hand signs or the Braille alphabet to convey information and ideas to others. Just as your body uses DNA and nerve impulses, and your brains use chemicals and hormones to keep your body working properly, the world uses broadcast waves and frequencies to keep us in constant communication with each other. Communication is important on every level.
When you are out of balance in this area you may find that you talk too much or not enough. You may come across as arrogant or self-righteous. You will certainly not listen well or care about others views and opinions.

Words are our most powerful tool and with great power comes great responsibility. Please remember this and think before you speak, post or type because incorrect information can be very damaging and hurtful.

When you are in balance, people consider you thoughtful in your communications, you can express your needs and desires without being demanding or whiney, you are able to express your truth without hurting others and you are able to speak without shame or fear.

Knowing that you are in balance comes with your ability to speak your truth while truly hearing another and you are able to do this without judgment or shame.
The goal of the fifth chakra is to enable you to communicate ideas and abstract concepts and be understood, to be able to give information so that you can manifest creations on a physical plane that give order to your universe.

1) Located at your throat
2) Is your self expression
3) Your ability to communicate your hearts truth
4) Your ability to communicate your core values
5) Is the bridge that connects your head (intellect) with your body (senses)

Physicality; your bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, ears, hands, arms, neck, bones and teeth.

Issues; expression, communication of your own creativity, needs and desires, your ability to actively listen and understand both verbal and non-verbal communications.

Blocked By; lies you tell yourself

Unblocked By; seeing that you are OK as you are but if there parts of you that you feel are not worthy of you, change them in a positive and loving way and then…genuinely love yourself.

Bright Blessings, Chessie
© Chessie Roberts, 2010, all rights reserved

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