Sunday, September 5, 2010



Science tells us that, aerodynamically speaking the design of a bumble bee is completely wrong. It has too much body weight vs. too little wing span therefore, it is incapable of flight; and yet, it flies. Why do think that is?

I hypothesize that it can fly for the simple reasons that 1) no one has told it that it can’t and 2) it was created to do just what it does and that includes flight. So to take this a step further, since we are born, created if you will, to accomplish certain things in our life, why do we continually listen to those who tell us we can’t do them.

If, like our friend the bumble bee, we just concentrate on what we know we can do rather than taking bad advice from those who have decided that, because of some preconceived notion they have about us, we can’t accomplish whatever we wish, we can do anything we desire.

The point here is that we were created to accomplish certain things in our lifetime and have been given everything we need to do that. Because we are humans and not bees, we can and do listen to bad advice from those we feel we can trust rather than listening to ourselves. This immature need to create ourselves by committee causes us to forget what our assets are and how to use them. The good news here is all we have to do is to wake up to our truth and remember our potential.

So no matter what we look like to someone else; no matter what others think of us and our potential or talents; we are here for a reason and by embracing our true nature and reconnecting with it, we are unstoppable, we are exponential, we are extraordinary and we can fly.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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