Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Path
by Josey Drither West
© Josey Drither West 8/7/2010 all rights reserved Used by permission

Think not,
To follow my path,
In my footsteps,
you may walk,
but know now,
that the path ahead of me,
is not the path I leave behind.

My foot prints,
leave their marks,
My energy continues to ripple,
upon the surroundings,
Our presence,
changes all it touches

the path we walk,
changes as it changes us,
no matter how close you follow,
the place you step,
is not where I stood.

you watch me walk on,
and in watching me,
you change your own path,
and you change mine.

I found this to be a very deep and truthful statement that is not something we regularly consider; the fact is that by walking a path, as it changes us, we change it. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not but change is inevitable. Still, following someone walking a path that you feel is worthy of you is a good thing; just realize that as you walk it, you make it your own. So as you grow, evolve and rise, realize that you affect that which affects you.
Thank You Mr. West and Bright Blessings to all.

© 2010 Chessie Roberts all rights reserved.

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