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Those of you who have taken Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance are familiar with the terms, “core values”, “life experiences” and “mind-stream ©”. These are imbedded, deeply seated programs that run under every action you take and every idea or perception that you have about the world and the people around you. All of these reactions are filtered through your programs. People will respond from these two bases of operation every time; the higher the stress, the closer to this basis ones reactions are.

The more enlightened person has gone within and examined their personal programming and taken the proper steps to correct what they can and rise above what they can not. The less enlightened person continues to operate from a less evolved standpoint.

Ones core values are the “lines you will not cross or tolerate”; lying, stealing, murder, judgment and the like. Every one has them in differing degrees but not everyone adheres to them in all situations. The challenge is how high you set your personal bar and how often you choose to limbo under it. The more enlightened, higher vibrational a person, the truer they will be to these core values and the less they will accept lowered values in those around them. I am not speaking of judgment here; I mean that they will just not be around those who are not coming from a like starting point.

For those who have not yet done the work to better themselves, you will find that they are either living with and operating from either denial or ignorance. If they are coming from denial, they will more likely than not, wish to stay where they are. This comes from “the demon you know” thought process. Humans get comfortable with the situation in which they find themselves most often and choosing to see the need for change is scary and uncomfortable. Stepping out of ones comfort zone into the unknown is often so frightening as to be paralyzing. Once it is realized that “When you get to the end of all the light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” (Edward Teller) you will be able to find the strength and faith in yourself to move away from the pain and toward growth, positivity and enlightenment. Denial is a tough nut to crack and best done from the INSIDE realization that something is wrong and feeling the need to WANT to change. Until the person comes to this understanding within themselves, trying to ‘change them’ or ‘show them ‘the error of their ways’ is frustrating, futile and self defeating and it really annoys them.

If on the other hand the person in question is coming from a platform of ignorance; they will more than likely see (eventually) where their work needs to begin. This dawning usually comes (most of the time slowly but each persons time-table is different) from the observation of those around them who are making life work. The ignorance begins to lift and the person begins to question their place in the scheme of things and find their answers; which of course leads to more questions…more answers…more questions… etc. but that is how growth and waking up works.

Life experiences are what any person has lived through. They are the lessons each person learns (or doesn’t) about the results they got from the choices that they have made throughout their respective life time. These experiences color a persons feelings, ideas and perceptions about everything on many levels. As with anything else, these can be changed for the person’s betterment and for the greater good should the person choose to do so. The awareness of the fact that one always has choices is what brings on the desire to want to choose to change and that depends upon ones mind-stream©. If the person lives with and enjoys the perceived benefits of victim think, chances are they will not want to choose change. Once you are aware that you make your own destiny, you are either freed or you run and hide. Hiding from the truth of a situation is never the right choice. If you can learn to look for solutions rather than problems, your life will be awesome!

Now ones “mind-stream”© refers to the path ones thought processes generally run. If a person bases their existence on lying to get by, that person thinks every one lies and therefore they project that onto the world so they trust no one. The person who steals, cheats, makes excuses, slacks, or any other thing one can accuse another of is doing works the same way; abuse begets abuse and mind-set begets mind-set. If, however (once again at the risk of repeating my self) you have chosen to go within and examine and redirect your mind-stream so that you have changed these perceptions of the world and understand all of these human short comings you see that there are things and people you don’t need to try and fix; you are the only one you can control. The mature, enlightened individual can and does allow others and things to just be what they are.

Your best help for humanity is to show all those around you a life well lived and one that is working. As my Mother used to say, “Tend to your knitting and others will tend to theirs or they won’t. If you are busy doing the right thing, you will spread that behavior to those watching you.”

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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