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Did you ever play outside, in a world of your own making? Where everything you wanted was there for your enjoyment, for your satisfaction? A world that adjusted to your script as you changed your story line to fit where you wanted it to go next? A special place that was just for you and maybe a friend or two? I challenge you to go back in your mind and heart to that time and recall how you felt; the excitement, the pleasure, the joy. Now hold on to that as you continue reading.

When you have a desire you create a ripple in the Universal energies that can, if driven correctly, manifest your desire. Just having the thought, the desire is not enough; you must drive it with something. That something is emotion, emotion that is fueled by your imagination. What you can imagine and become excited and joyous about is what will manifest. CAUTION: the same is true of the energy created by the emotion of fear. Because any strong emotion will drive manifestation you should be sure that you don’t fuel your nightmares, fuel only your dreams.

You may ask how to start. I suggest that you use your forgotten ally; your imagination. Get a clear picture in your imagination of just what you want to create. Put in the details and get excited about it. Feel how you will enjoy it when it is manifest and enjoy that sensation, hold it as long as you can. Remember the feeling every time you think about your desire, your goal, your dream. In order for you to “create”, your thoughts, attitudes and emotions must be focused and directed toward a productive end so that their power is molded into the force that will bring you what it is that you desire.

Your next step is to do the next thing needed to make your desire happen, change any attitude that may interfere with your goal, talk to others, tell your friends, make plans, lists of materials or steps that you need to work through to create this desire. Decide how the list needs to be handled, prioritize first, second, next etc. and do something every day that moves you forward. All the while keep your emotion focused on the finished project. Not necessarily the exact outcome (that can be distracting) but on the excitement and joy of creating this thing you are manifesting. The idea is to feed the emotion of your desire and keep it strong, focused and positive. If you allow doubt or despair to creep in (it will, we are human after all) let that be your signal to take a SHORT break and re-group. Take an hour (set a timer) or a weekend, just walk away and let your mind rest. Chances are that you have ether missed a step or a priority is in the wrong order. Both of these can be fixed and the joy and excitement will return.

Well you may ask what if I have a set back. Same answer; give your self a break and your mind a rest and the answer will appear, maybe as a new idea for a solution or a different thought process, but you will get an answer. Remember that you don’t have to push a river, it already flows. (© Chessie Roberts “Don’t Push A River” from ‘The Angles Sang’) If you don’t put garbage in your river that will block it, you can guide it in the direction you want it to go.

Wishing you Bright Blessings and joyous and imaginative creating.

©2010 Chessie Roberts all rights reserved.

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