Sunday, October 10, 2010



A positive, focused, conscious aware life does not just happen, you must create it. And that is where Evolution of Self; Journey into Mind, Body, Spirit Balance is set to take you.

Are you grounded? Connected to your source, that which sustains and supports you? Are you centered? Is your energy system open enough to allow the free flow of Natures energies through you; energies that connect you to your world and the Universe?

Do speak to yourself in a correct, loving and positive manner? Does this include others with whom you come in contact? Do you lift others to their best advantage? Are you empathetic? Do you put your well being first so that you are strong enough to help others? Do accept what you are truly responsible for? Can you keep your cool in an intense situation?

Can you clearly visualize your goals so that you recognize them when you get there? Can you communicate this vision to another? Do you consciously shield yourself from negative input (as best you can)?

Can you/do you surrender all fears to the flow of Universal energy? Can you/do you accept that you and others make mistakes, sometimes grievous ones, and not allow those mistakes to cloud or poison your mind and forgive? Do you/can you accept and forgive your own shortcomings? Do you/can you accept that love is energy and so will always be a part of you and be born again as new loves? Can you/do you accept you as you are by changing for the better what you feel you need to change and genuinely love yourself? Do you/can you accept the cosmic truth ‘that all is one’ and feel connected? Can you/do you let things (material, emotional and spiritual) go because you know that since all is one, nothing and no one is ever lost to you or gone from you?

If you have answered “No” to any of these questions then there is room to work to regain your mind, body, spirit balance.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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