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Mother Teresa said: “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

I stumbled across a news announcer talking about the fight against bullying. I was astounded, fight a fighting behavior, does this make sense to anyone? Isn’t that like taking a pill to stop a symptom rather than finding the root cause of the illness; like damming a river to force it to do your bidding and being upset when the dam breaks and there is destruction everywhere; like building on a flood plane and getting upset when your building gets wet? Fight? Really?

Let’s look at where bullying behavior comes from. The bully has no sense of his (I am using his to mean hers too ladies so you read on too) own self worth. In order to feel good about himself, he makes others feel bad about themselves.

What creates the person who is bullied? News flash folks, they have no sense of their own self worth. Because of their lack, they believe the venom being spewed by the bully. Do you see a pattern forming here?

Why do these people fail to learn this most important lesson? It is not that they fail to learn something, it is that they are not being taught. We as people do not learn what we are not exposed to. If we aren’t taught our self worth, we don’t realize that we have one. Unfortunately, as thinking beings, we discover that we truly need this information and the lucky ones look for the intelligent, positive way to find their worth. The other part of this is that the lack of information on this topic is filled by the input from our society. Let’s face it, TV is full of this bully type of programming. Our society sees bullying behavior as entertainment so how can it be unacceptable? Without guidance, an impressionable person will take that information, from both extremes, and run with it.

However youth will believe the worst about both themselves and those around them, it is part of immaturity. But, to get to a more mature outlook, we have to decide and be guided to see what doesn’t work, bullying and being bullied does not work.
Do we fight with the bully? No, that gives his something to push against. Do we feel sorry for the poor victim? No, they are doing that well enough all by themselves. So what do we do to stop this madness? We go to the root of the situation. Teach them self worth. Once they realize that they are indeed worthy to be here, no matter where they are; once they realize that others are worthy also and that we all need each other on different levels and for different things; that we are all worthy, the unwanted behavior will stop.

Your rights stop where another’s rights begin and that is a truth that can not be denied. So, if you feel that you are so important that you can hurt everyone around you I tell you that you are wrong! If you feel that you are useless, and good for nothing I say to you that you are wrong. We are all of here for a purpose and no purpose, no person is more important than any other. We are a community that must get along with each other or destroy each other. Which scenario do you think will serve us better, cooperation or extinction?

Shall we learn together to coexist? I say that is a good idea, lets’ educate, grow up and stop this ignorant acting out!

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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  1. I, as a parent, have experienced the end result of so much negative action and speaking on this topic. The supposed "Zero Tollerance" rules inposed in american schools have don't nothing to help the situation and actully perpetuate it.

    In our disctric (school), and many others, when a report is made both parties are suspended for a day so that the staff has time to investigate. This gives the child who is seeking a reprieve an unjust punishment (as suspended days do not allow for work to be made up) and give the child seeking superiority a chace to skeem and seek friends to make it harder to stop. It actually perpetuates the situation instead of providing a remedy.

    I belive first we must find a way to tap into the homes. Parents who teach that it is correct in any situation to belittle or demean another to gain control, are teaching their children this is correct action. I'm not saying that you can't reprimand you child or tell them they made a poor choice, but to use parental dominace in conjunction with phrases such as "you're stupid" " you'll never ammount to anything" ect. teaches any child in that environment that is correct for the siutation.

    On the flip side, many adults are trying desparatly to break the violent cycles that they grew up in and are helping to creat a society in which true competition and excellence are no longer rewarded, but demeaned as "over acheiving" or "attention seeking". Not everyone can play baseball, so not every child should make the team.

    It seems that we as a global community are hitting a period of extreams. No longer doesn one have to PROVE themselves in accidemics, sports, or even job performance, mostly out of fear of hurt feelings or discriminatioin of racial/religious creed.

    Bullys are simply the teen hormonal reply to a much needed sence to prove oneself worthy in a world where the adults are removing much of need to do so.