Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life Lessons, Choices, Destiny, Karma and the Law of Attraction

Life Lessons, Choices, Destiny, Karma and the Law of Attraction

“Destiny is what we make of it, Karma is how we shape it and Law of Attraction is a tool we can use to achieve the end that we want.” (TR)
Adversity, Karma, bad luck; what ever you want to call it is something that we all live with. Because we have choices at every crossroads we can choose to be victimized by it or choose to use it for what it actually is, a life lesson from which to grow.

By choosing to turn your mind-set toward the positive you can turn any situation around, change a negative into a positive. By looking at each situation as your ‘next best thing’ you create a freeing and empowering thought process. This is the choice that allows you to take your own power back from any situation that seems to be “adversity or bad luck”. By feeling an emotion of a positive nature, you incorporate the law of attraction to drive manifestation that will create what you want. You create a fertile area of positivity that allows your new mind-set to flourish.

I have taught this lesson for many years now and this is how I learned it. Some time ago I thought I might have breast cancer and took steps to find out the truth of the matter. Anyone who has gone through this process knows how much wait time there is and how frightening that can be. While you wait your mind goes through all kinds of scenarios and possibilities and well meaning friends tell you every horror story they have ever heard or encountered to the end that you are soon terrified beyond all reason and I was no exception.

My saving grace was, that because of Evolution of Self and the research I had done to create it, I realized what the fear was doing to my physicality and was able to stop it. Because your mind and body eavesdrops on each other all of the time, your body creates whatever your mind tells it to. Holding negative thoughts about a situation long enough for your emotions (your driving force) to become involved only makes those fears a reality. I made a conscious decision to choose to see this as my next best thing, thus giving my mind a new emotion to call on. If I did have the heinous thing I would use my experience to help others in the same situation. If it turned out that I did not have it, I would use my experience to teach this lesson. The second I made that decision and voiced it to my husband, all the fear left me and I stopped doing damage to my self while I waited. Because I was not living in a state of apprehension and fear my physicality was not creating the chemicals that would eventually make my fears my reality.

As it turned out I don’t have it but the lesson is a valuable one that I embrace every day. In choosing to embrace what looked like something awful and turn it to my advantage, I was able to choose a better way and so can you.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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