Sunday, February 20, 2011

Your Vibrational Level

Your Vibrational Level

I was asked about vibrational levels and how I perceived them and after some thought , this is my perception. I feel that our vibrational level is not germ like in nature but more of a “who you’re with and where you are comfortable”. As your vibrational level rises it is just a fact of Nature that you would seek out those persons and places that, because of their higher vibrations, draw you. Once you have reached a certain "height" attempting to go back to the "lower" vibrations is both uncomfortable and unpleasant. Attempting to engage someone who is not in sync with where we/you are is frustrating for both sides.

Those of the "higher" vibrational levels know that there is really no need to engage those who have not yet reached the higher levels or hide from them. Being uncomfortable with the lower levels is usually enough to cause you to seek out the groups with whom you are the most comfortable. Those who wish to advance and grow will make themselves known pretty quickly as well as the ones who don’t. Your patience with those who desire to grow will add richness to both your life and theirs. As you share your flame of brightness, another is illuminated and the darkness recedes a bit more. Those who are at a lower level will begin to grow in their own time and it could be that you are not meant to be their mentor. You can help only those who wish your help, the others will find their mentor when they are ready.

The best way is to vibrate where you are, grow at your own rate and allow others to do the same. Their path is theirs and yours (not you personally, I use the collective you) is yours. Maturity within ones Spiritual growth allows for the understanding of the difference between control of and control over. You are the only person that you can truly know, therefore control, and that life lesson takes some doing, but once you get the hang of it you find out that the rest of the world will take care of itself.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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