Sunday, April 3, 2011


People ask this question of me a lot. The book “Permanent Healing, by Daniel R. Condron D.M., D.D., M.S. tells us that illness is our physicality’s response to years of wrong thought processes.
Evolution of Self, along with other self help processes all teach that, “As I think, so I am.” And those of us who have found this to be true want to share with you that our thoughts do, indeed, construct our issues. Just as they construct them, they also deconstruct them. If you have thought yourself ill, you can think yourself well again. Does it happen over night? No, you didn’t create the illness over night but you can start the process of correcting your inner dialogue right now!
“How do I do this?” you might ask. You do it just like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Change one thought from negative to positive, make it a habit to think that way and move to the next negative thought. Soon you will have turned all of your thoughts, notions, perceptions and ideas to a positive perspective. Now for something a little bit more challenging. Do the same thing with thoughts you have about yourself. Don’t tell me or yourself no, you can do it…if you choose to do it. Remember you need to help yourself before you can be of any help to those around you.
Read what one of my students wrote me after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I feel you will understand better what I am telling you.
Okay so my current medical situation, I can trace back to a single moment, two and half years ago. The moment I was honest with myself, truly took a deep breath, and "Let go" of all things out of my control. I took a deep breath, and felt my heart pound hard in my chest. I stopped letting petty things repeatedly anger me and made a conscious effort to change my perception into a positive one. No longer suffer the persecution of others thoughts, and to free me of my own. At that moment I KNEW my body was going to have to work this out physically, and accepted that. From then on, I regularly felt "palpitations" and they were always prominent when I would make efforts to change my thinking and my actions.

Now, old habits die hard, and eventually worry that this was not simply feeling the change I was willing to be, I did see a doctor. Now, after a few visits it is true that my body is working out the repeated anger, frustration, and negativity I had been breeding for the last several years. Something I had grown out of but returned to. Now that I have again stepped back into wisdom, my body is purging it in a way dramatically fitting the way it was thrust upon it.

I believe my acceptance of this, is why it is not as severe as it could be, and evidence that not only are thoughts things but they help control the way our body reacts not just emotionally but physically as well.”
We can beat ourselves up for only so long before our body says; “OK, you want it? You’ve got it enjoy!” Then we look around and ask “why me?” and feel victimized. So dig in and examine your predominant mind set. Just what ARE you truly telling you biology? Like we learn from “The Secret”, are we asking for what we truly want or are we sabotaging our lives without our conscious awareness? It is never too late to WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!
In best health, conscious awareness, positive growth and love, Bright Blessings Chessie
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  1. My question to any of this would be: At what age/maturity are we creating our own, instead of feeding off of our parents or house mates? I'm sure that as long as their points of view EFFECT us that it will AFFECT our health. However at what point are we self evident?

  2. Anonymous, we create our own cause and effect when we begin to realize that our internal thought process has been shaded by our upbringing. Once this dawning occurs, we clean out our old ways of thinking and that is when we start creating our own health.