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What exactly is focused intent and how do you use it. Funny thing is that you use it everyday. When you leave your house to go somewhere do you get in your car and then sit there until your destination appears? No, you have a plan, a map in your mind of where you are going and how you plan to get there right? When you dress in the morning do you sit on the bed and wait for your clothes to fly out of the drawer and closet and cover you? No, you make decisions and choices, you focus your intent to decide what to wear.

Focused intent is useful in anything you do. It it actually goal setting. You decide to preform an action and then do each step that is required to get your desired outcome. Take cleaning your teeth for instance. You decide that it is time to preform this act of hygiene. Step one you go to where you keep your tooth brush and it's accompanying paraphernalia. Step two, you choose the brush that is “yours”. Step three, you apply your choice of dentifrice and you begin to brush you teeth. You may have a cup for rinse water, you may cup the water in your hand, but the point is that you have a plan one that has become a a routine for you so that bu now you don't have to think it through every time but it is, in fact, focused intent. See how it works?

So why do you panic when someone suggests that you set goals for yourself? All they are is a ladder to climb in order to reach that thing you want that is, at the beginning, out of your reach. If you decide that you would like to be your own boss, look into the steps it takes and set goals that will allow you to reach that goal. You did it when you were a baby, a child, learning to walk, talk, read, think on your own and every other thing you now know how to do and take for granted , why do you feel you can't do it now?

As you take and internalize the classes that Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance provides, you are setting yourself up to stand on your current information so that you can reach the height of the next piece of information. As you rise through the classes with a focused intent, you accomplish them in one way and are then able to transfer that understanding an knowledge to be used in other ways that will allow you to climb your ladder higher and faster than you ever thought possible.

Your focused intent to better your understanding of YOU will serve you well throughout the rest of your life. It will give you an unprecedented view of exactly what you CAN do, what you CAN be if you chose to allow yourself to focus, learn and grow. Bright Blessings, Love Light and Laughter, Chessie

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