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There is an old story about a monkey who wants to get the tasty kernel out of a coconut that he has found. Someone had already made a hole to drink the milk of the cocoa nut but, because of the work it takes to open the nut itself, just left it in the ground. The monkey stuck his paw into the hole, grabbed the kernel and then attempted to withdraw his fist while clenching the treat. Much to his dismay and frustration, he was unable withdraw his hand. The only way he can be free of the burden of the nut would be to open his clenched fist but that would mean letting go of the food.

We people do this all the time. We hold on to hurts and angers, fears and suppositions, hates and prejudices as though they were our food of life. We then turn and ask why our lives are so filled with hurt, anger, fear, hate and other things of our own creation. We are made anxious and confrontational when told to “let go”. We demand to be told how to do this letting go thing, we say that we can't possibly do that for the event needs to be remembered, wallowed in, carried in our memory until it creates an illness within our biology, brought up again and again to offer an excuse for our own bad behavior and over reactions.

I tell you this now, NOTHING is important enough to make yourself ill over. Not rape, murder, theft, or anything else that you can think up is worth being miserable for the rest of your life. Things happen or they don't. They occur to teach a point to whoever is involved in the class. Both the doer and the recipient learn from it...if they choose to. If the student chooses not to learn the first time, the lesson will be repeated. Now, how long do you wish to wallow in your trauma? Why not accept the lesson of the event so as to not have it repeated and move on and grow? That is the healthy, sensible action. Grinding on it until you create personal issues for yourself is not.

Look at your event/situation as the coconut. Look for solutions rather than problems. How can you get the treat out of the nut by letting go? There is a hole, right? You can turn the nut upside down until the treat falls out, right? Then let go and use an alternate method. If that one doesn't work for you, look for another. There is always a way to let go and grow, Bright Blessings Chessie

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 “May the entire Universe be filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light. May the light of Truth overcome all darkness! Victory to that Light! Jai!”{Swami Satchidananda}

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