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The second chakra area is called ‘The Belly’ or ‘The Spleen’ Chakra and is located between your navel and internal reproductive organs. It corresponds to your sacral vertebrae and the nerve ganglion called the solar plexus. Your sciatic nerve is attached here at your body’s center of motion; it is also referred to as the ‘sea of life’.

The elemental correspondence for this area is water because all your body’s liquid functions are in its prevue; circulation, urinary elimination, sexuality and reproduction. It is also your seat of emotion. These emotions can create pleasure, movement and nurture. All of which are natural and desirable.

Dr. Masaru Emoto in this book “Hidden Messages in Water” tells us that an adult is 70% water and children are a bit higher %, which makes us tidal beings. Because of this, the second chakra area is related to the moon and is affected by it just like the tides are. This tidal cycle causes oceans of energy, both inside and out, and give chakra two subtle qualities of its’ own. This is why a person with a true passion for a goal seems to reach it in, what looks to others, like an effortless manner.

The ebb and flow of desire creates a duality that is important in stiring movement and change. This is the reason you long to learn how to reach out to others to absorb and share knowledge.

This chakra is visualized in a vibrant orange. The Sanskrit name for this chakra comes from the root ‘to sweeten’ and refers to the pleasure derived from our sexuality. Here is where you learn to accept the fact that you are endowed with a sexual nature by the Creator and it is OK to like it.

The job of the second chakra is to move you from the survival mode of number one to the to acknowledging a second caregiver; i.e. another person in your life, to help you become independent, to stand alone, to develop your personal strength and be self sufficient. Your maturation gives you a need to unite with another person in order to create a whole. Here is where the understanding of ‘self’ includes awareness of others on a new level. It also includes a longing for unity to fill the void that is brought on by this new awareness. At the same time there is a need for the separateness you worked so hard to achieve in chakra one. You need to learn balance of your time/your needs with the time you share with another person. This will be so in all facets of your life.

You will want to encounter differences that will stimulate questions that challenge your essence. These challenges = growth. Growth=desire. Desire= action. Action=vitality. Vitality= movement. Movement = new levels of power and love.
If you find that desire has become need that is born of pain tension and/or estrangement you can be sure that you are out of balance in your second chakra. All of this comes form parts of your self that you that you have let go of when you should have held on or ones that you are trying to repress. You begin to look outside of your self for substances to make you feel ether something or nothing. These attempts damage you, both physically and mentally causing you to push away those who can help you or pull yourself away so that a viscous cycle is started. Every failure creates an attachment to the method you have chosen (drinking, drugs, sex, excessive time online etc.) hopping that it will work next time to make your imbalance correct itself, but instead you get locked into the feeling that you have no escape.

The water based chakras’ flexibility and fluidity of desire is good. Know that the form of the desire is not as important as the force of the desire. The force is the root of passion that equals growth toward power and understanding. Desires act like waters movement, they ebb and flow and we handle them accordingly

Blockages create pressure. Rising pressure erodes the blockage. Just as water seeks the path of least resistance, not caring what it must flow around or what shape it must take to get where it is going, desire acts in the same way. If blocked, desire will manifest another way; if it is thwarted completely you will experience illness, addiction or dangerous behavior.

Balance here = you know pleasure is Creator Given and an essential facet of life to insure your body’s’ health and harmony and you enjoy it without shame or guilt. You can know you are in balance when “Every perfect action is accompanied by pleasure. By that you can tell you aught to do it.” (The French writer Andre Gide.)

Here a goal=movement toward pleasure which is the root of desire. Desire= the seed of movement; they build on each other to keep us whole and balanced. For balanced, whole people, pleasure attracts and pain repels. Pleasure is the rejuvenator of the spirit, the healer of personal and cultural relationships; it tells you that ‘all is well-situation resolved’ and it give the freedom to turn your attention to other things.

1) Location, womb/belly
2) Connection to lunar cycle, wisdom and creativity
3) Fertility

PHYSICALITY; lower vertebrae, pelvis, bladder, hips

ISSUES; change, emotions, ability to see beauty in others, delight in your own creations, satisfaction of your own desires


UNBLOCKED BY; accepting the reality that things happen because of you or someone else and not allowing them to cloud your mind or poison your energy and forgive.

Bright Blessings, Chessie

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